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    Comprehensive geological research of land plots

    Complex engineering and geological searches of a land plot for development consists of several stages:

    • estimation of the study of the territory and reconnaissance survey;
    • drilling works and field research;
    • laboratory research and chamber processing of materials;
    • issuance of the report according to regulatory documents.

    In addition, such types of work as seismic microzoning, exploration of local soil materials for the construction of structures, etc., can be performed.

    Prices for the geological survey of the land plot

    Geological search of the territoryfrom UAH 750. m/p

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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Geological survey of the land plot for construction – serves for an objective assessment of soil strength. The conclusions made based on the results of the geology of the land plot form the basis of calculations of the size and characteristics of the foundation. Errors assumed during geodetic research or interpretation of the obtained results,
    can lead to significant financial losses during the construction of the facility or during its operation.

    Complex engineering and geological searches of a plot of land for development consists of several stages:

    • drilling of one or more wells for soil sampling
    • laboratory study of the received samples;
    • compilation of a geological report of the established form.

    In many cases, reliable data obtained during research directly at the site of the future development make it possible to significantly reduce the costs of building a residential building,
    an industrial structure or an engineering infrastructure object, if the geology of the construction site turns out to be more favorable than previously thought.

    Geological studies of land plots in Lviv and the Lviv region

    Geodetic and land surveying group “Mirnychiy” provides services in the geology of land plots (soil).

    • We have equipment and facilities for drilling wells and laboratory analysis of the obtained soil samples.
    • Research results,
      performed by our specialists, form the basis of the design of high-rise buildings, industrial complexes and other complex objects.
    • We provide services at moderate prices and work in Lviv, Lviv region and beyond.

    The cost of geological research of the land plot consists of costs for drilling wells,
    necessary for obtaining soil samples, and the distance to the object.

    To find out how much the engineering geology of your land plot costs, or to get advice from a geologist specialist on conducting research, call +38 (098) 680 99 09 .
    In addition to Lviv, we also provide services in other cities of Ukraine:

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