Geology and geodesy in Odesa

Are you planning construction, reconstruction or demolition of a building? According to the legislation of Ukraine, it is mandatory to carry out engineering geological and geodetic research. With their help, it will be possible to establish features of the landscape, chemical and geomorphological properties of the soil.
All this is important to know in order to carry out further actions with minimal costs and without unpleasant consequences.

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    Why are geological and geodetic engineering searches needed

    Engineering geological and geodetic research should be carried out by everyone who plans construction, regardless of the type of architectural object (apartment building, industrial building, private cottage, office building, etc.).
    Here, the accuracy and reliability of measurements are very important, as this can further affect the results of other types of activities.

    Geology provides the basis for the construction of the structure, providing information about the landscape, its features, soil properties in the area where the building is planned. Geodesy helps,
    determining the exact location of future buildings, their best placement on the site. If you do not want the building to be deformed, damaged or completely destroyed some time after the facility is put into operation, it is very important to use the services of a team of geologists and surveyors in Odessa at the design stage.

    Types of geodetic and geological works in Odessa

    Mirnychiyj LLC performs a wide range of tasks in the field of geology and geodesy, such as:

    • Executive, topographic surveying in the area;
    • Drilling of wells for the purpose of taking soil and groundwater samples;
    • Laboratory soil analysis;
    • Transfer of the plan in natural size;
    • Compilation of cartograms;
    • Formation of reporting with instructions for further construction;
    • Drawing red lines.

    And more.

    We are approached not only for
    to study the area and give a conclusion about the expediency of construction or the features of the site on which the building is planned to be demolished. We will also help you establish the boundaries and size of the plot. Regardless of the type of terrain (arable land, stubble, meadow, etc.), we have all the necessary knowledge and tools to carry out the work.

    How we work
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    Your call or email request.
    крок 2
    Agreement on price and terms.
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    Advance payment as agreed.
    крок 4
    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
    крок 5
    Data processing and approval.
    крок 6
    Issuance of the final outcome.

    What you will get after analyzing the geology of the site

    After all stages of geological and geodetic work are completed, we prepare final reports for the customer. They contain information about all actions taken, cartograms, results of topographic surveys, laboratory examinations. We also conclude that
    in which we describe the justification for the necessity or termination of construction.

    In the course of the work, good reasons may be discovered, which make it impractical or dangerous to continue construction work. We always inform the client about all the circumstances established in the course of our research. Further decisions are made by the customer.

    Prices for geological and geodetic services

    Geology for construction, reconstruction, roadsfrom UAH 650 per m.p.
    Geophysicsfrom UAH 2,000. per point
    Drawing red linesfrom UAH 600
    Copyingfrom UAH 2500
    Establishment of land plot boundariesfrom UAH 4500
    Out of boundsfrom UAH 2500
    Axes breakdownfrom UAH 1500
    Topography M 1:500from UAH 1,500/ha
    Survey M 1:100 \ 1:200from UAH 4,500/ha
    Topography M 1:1000from UAH 1,500/ha

    How to choose a company in Odessa

    It is necessary to carefully approach the choice of a company that performs engineering-geological and geodetic works, since the quality of the final material that will be used in various government agencies depends on it.

    Mirnychyj LLC offers:

    • A team of experienced and highly qualified experts in their field;
    • Innovative equipment that provides accurate and reliable data;
    • Affordable cost for all services;
    • Individual approach to each client;
    • High quality documentation that will be received after the work is completed.

    We always meet the client and select the conditions, time and cost of work that will satisfy individual needs.

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    Order geological and geodetic services from Mirnychyj LLC

    If you want to order engineering and geological surveys and geodesy from Mirnychiy LLC, it is very easy to do so:

    1. Leave your request on our website or call us by phone;
    2. Our manager will contact you,
      and you will be able to discuss all the features of the service;
    3. You make a prepayment;
    4. On a certain day, our employees will carry out work;
    5. After completion of work, you pay the balance of the cost.

    We can rightfully consider our prices for geology and geodesy in Odessa to be low.
    We have set a democratic price so that everyone can get the service. Our clients always advise their friends and family to contact us, which is an indicator of the quality of our company’s services. You can also call! We will definitely help.

    We also provide geology and geodesy services in other cities of the Odesa region: Izmail, Illichivsk, Bilhorod-Dnistrovsky,
    Podolsk, Pivdenne, Kilia, Reni, Balta, Rozdilna, Bolgrad, Artsyz, Berezivka, Bilyaivka, Ovidiopol, Tatarbunary, Teplodar, Kodima, Ananyiv, Vylkove.

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