Executive geodetic surveying

Executive geodetic survey is a topographical survey of a building, the main task of which is to determine the position in plan and height of the above-ground and underground parts of the building. In the process of executive shooting, the height position is taken by the leveling method, and the planned position is made by the method of creating polar and rectangular coordinates of angular and linear serifs. The process of situational and relief shooting is conducted separately. Executive geodetic survey involves control over already completed construction works. In addition, this type of shooting makes it possible to determine the accuracy of the construction project in nature with the determination of all possible deviations from the given project, which were recorded during the construction process.

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    What is executive geodetic surveying for?

    The main task of the executive geodetic survey is the implementation of a set of works aimed at obtaining the exact coordinates of given points by means of measurement, which must correspond to the data specified in the project documentation.
    The results of the executive survey are the basis for drawing up the construction project of the real estate object, in accordance with the requirements of the legal aspect of construction. During the implementation of the executive survey, the surveyor enters information about all deviations of the important structures of the building from the given design documentation into the geodetic documentation.

    Geodetic surveys are carried out after the completion of each stage of construction work, and as a control and final survey of an already built structure. On the basis of the control survey, a plan of possible deviations of the submitted construction project in kind from the given project is drawn up and the corresponding documentation is drawn up.
    The documentation materials contain information about both the actual state of the construction object and all its individual elements in accordance with the requirements of the construction regulations of Ukraine. The main task of the executive geodetic survey is the implementation of a set of works aimed at obtaining the exact coordinates of given points by measuring, which must correspond to the data specified in the project documentation.

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    In order for the executive geodetic survey of the construction process to be carried out in accordance with the requirements and regulations of the current legislation of Ukraine, its implementation should be entrusted exclusively to experts. The executive geodetic survey of the construction process must comply with the following state ZNiP:

    • Executive surveying is carried out at each stage of the construction of a construction site. It can be both a topographical survey of the pit, and a geodetic survey of the facade of the building or a survey of metal structures. The executive survey of the land plot allows you to get the most accurate information not only about the real scale of the object,
      but also about the horizons of its windows and walls. Geodetic surveying of metal structures makes it possible to accurately determine the quality of installation. In the event that mistakes are made during the implementation of the installation process, they will be detected and subsequently corrected thanks to the executive geodetic survey.
    • All data on the construction work must be recorded daily in the logbook on the installation of the structure, on the services provided, as well as on the anti-corrosion protection of welded joints. In addition, it is necessary to record the order of arrangement of structures on documents every day;
    • Assembly of the formwork must be carried out in accordance with all applicable construction quality requirements. The executive geodetic survey is carried out in order to record the correctness of the installation works.
    • Formation of executive documentation should consist of such materials as executive drawings, documents, which confirm the proper quality of the materials used during the construction process, executive diagrams that reflect the position and condition of the load-bearing structures, executive drawings, as well as technical and factory passports for the structures used.
    executive geodetic surveying

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