Laboratory studies of soils and water

“Mirnychyj” company carries out a wide range of laboratory studies to assess qualification, physical, strength, deformation and other characteristics of soils, as well as to analyze the chemical composition of water. These studies are necessary for making design decisions and performing calculations when laying foundations, bases and protective structures. Having our own laboratory, we can provide customers with fast research results, high accuracy and optimal price.

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    Soil research

    • The composition and volume of laboratory work are determined depending on the research objectives and the class of responsibility of the designed structure. We specialize in the investigation of soils with special properties, such as sagging, swelling, weak, saline, eluvial and man-made soils.
    • Physical properties of soils.
      To obtain data on the physical characteristics of soils, we conduct a granulometric analysis, determine plasticity, density and moisture. For each engineering and geological element, we define at least 10 physical characteristics and at least 6 strength and deformation characteristics.
    • Filtration properties of soils.
      We determine the water permeability of soils and their water-colloid connections. Assessment of soil water saturation is critically important for construction, because the changed water content affects the strength of the soil.
    • Deformation properties of soils.
      We study the ability of soils to change their shape and volume under the influence of external forces. We conduct static and dynamic sounding, pressiometry and other tests. In laboratory conditions, we determine the modulus of deformation.
    • Strength properties of soils.
      We study the ability of soils to resist mechanical loads, temperature changes and other forceful influences. In the laboratory, we determine the angle of internal friction, the specific adhesion of the soil.
    How we work
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    Water analysis

    We carry out comprehensive water research depending on the tasks:

    • Full analysis of water for engineering and geological purposes includes assessment of physical properties, hydrogen index (pH), content of hydrocarbons, chlorides, magnesium, calcium and other components.
    • Standard water analysis covers physical properties, free carbon dioxide, hydrocarbons, chlorides, fluoride, ammonium, calcium, iron, nitrates and total hardness.
    • Simplified water analysis includes assessment of physical properties, hydrocarbons, chlorides, sulfates, calcium, magnesium and other basic parameters.
    • Analysis of water from underground sources for domestic water supply takes into account such indicators as smell, color, turbidity, dry residue, chlorides, sulfates, hydrocarbons, calcium, magnesium, iron and others.
    • Standard analysis of brines determines the amount of sodium and potassium, hardness, physical properties, hydrogen index (pH), free carbon dioxide and other parameters.
    • Corrosive activity of water is determined to assess the impact on lead and aluminum sheaths of cables.

    Research methods

    We use standard methods of analysis that depend on the tasks and the complexity of the geological conditions. We use certified equipment that meets GOST and DSTU standards for laboratory research.

    laboratory studies of soils and water

    Stages of work
    Our process includes:

    1. Laboratory studies of samples.
    2. Analysis of received data and camera works.
    laboratory studies of soils and water 1

    We guarantee the high accuracy and reliability of our research, which allows us to make informed design decisions and ensures the quality of construction works.

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