Observation of deformations of buildings and structures, dams, hydroelectric power

In order to obtain detailed information about the temporary deformation of buildings, the displacement parameters of piles and supporting structures are measured on a regular basis along horizontal, vertical and full vectors, as well as the stretching and compression of these elements.

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    Why is observation of deformations necessary?

    Based on these indicators, the rate of deformation of the building is also determined, which further contributes to more thorough monitoring of its temporal changes. According to the requirements defined by the state standard, measurements allow the following measures to be taken in time:

    • set absolute and relative deformation indicators;
    • compare the received actual data with those obtained using calculations;
    • determine the reasons for declaring the building in an emergency state;
    • take timely measures to prevent further destruction of buildings;
    • obtain stability parameters of the foundation and supporting columns;
    • obtain data on soil stability/buoyancy;
    • calculate the deformation parameters permissible for building operation.

    When it is necessary to monitor deformations of buildings and structures

    It is necessary to monitor deformations at the stage of the beginning of construction until the moment when their level reaches 1-2 mm per year.

    The following terms of measurements have been determined:

    • Start of construction;
    • The readiness of the object is 25%;
    • The readiness of the object is 50%;
    • Before putting the facility into operation.

    Based on the results of each stage of measurements, observation schedules are drawn up. If the rate of deformation increases, cracks and tilting appear in the building, it settles faster, it is necessary to increase the frequency of observations.

    When the building is put into operation,
    carry out systematic measurements with recording of all information in documents. Specialists monitor the condition of the soil and underground water, record meteorological data, monitor changes in the load from the equipment.

    It is also mandatory to track the vertical and horizontal shifts of the building before the start of the overhaul.
    before putting the facility into operation and in the event of a forensic construction examination.

    How we work
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    Agreement on price and terms.
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    Advance payment as agreed.
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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Data processing and approval.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    What values ​​are fixed in the process of observing deformations?

    Let’s consider below the values ​​that are fixed during the observation of deformations and subsidence:

    • displacement relative to the vertical axis;
    • displacement relative to the horizontal axis;
    • roll.

    Next, based on the results of the measurements, you will receive a report that will contain:

    • description of the purpose of observation of deformations;
    • technical characteristics of the building;
    • characteristics of the soil and foundation of the building;
    • arrangement schemes and format of selected reference and measuring elements;
    • methodology of conducting observations;
    • factors causing deformation;
    • conclusions.
    observation of deformations of buildings and structures, dams, hydroelectric power
    observation of deformations of buildings and structures, dams, hydroelectric power 1

    Deformation monitoring service from Mirnychyj

    Deformation of buildings and structures is an inevitable process that occurs under the influence of natural and atmospheric factors. But with timely fixing of deviations, you can avoid serious problems during construction of the object.

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