Engineering and geophysical research

Geophysical research is carried out using various methods of geophysics, which allows studying the geological environment from the surface to a depth of 1500-2000 m.

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    Why are geophysical works carried out

    Geophysical research is carried out to solve special problems in conditions of increased complexity. Since the geological characteristics of the area are quite variable, it is additionally necessary to carry out geophysical works.

    The purpose of carrying out such works is to study the site for construction.
    Geophysics allows you to find out in advance all the necessary characteristics of the area, what changes are inherent in it in the future, as well as to make a set of recommendations for reducing the cost of works and increasing the profitability of construction works. Applying geophysical methods together with other engineering researches, you can achieve an excellent effect.

    What works are performed

    In the course of engineering and geophysical research, the following works are performed:

    1. Engineering geophysics for construction:
    • Residential, commercial and industrial buildings;
    • Motor and railway roads;
    • Bridges, crossings, underground and aboveground pipelines and cables;
    • Detecting underground (burial) structures and communications;
    • Microseismic zoning;
    1. Industrial geophysics:
    • Determining the contours and occurrence of minerals;
    • Investigation of the state of the geological environment above mine fields;
    • Investigation of the condition of the sides of quarries, tailings storage facilities (slurry accumulators);
    • Search for underground sources of groundwater and hydrothermal waters (up to 1200 m deep);
    • Structural and tectonic features (petroleum geophysics, hydrogeology);
    • Microseismic zoning;
    1. Archaeological geophysics:
    • Searching for dungeons, trenches, buildings, objects,
      the linear dimensions of which exceed 1 m;
    • Ancient parking lots;
    • Ancient burials (cemetery);
    1. Ecological studies:
    • Karst processes (development and dynamics);
    • Suffusion and filtration processes (development);
    • Landslides (development and dynamics);
    • Research of the bottom of reservoirs, lakes and rivers;
    • Sources of water and land pollution.
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    Agreement on price and terms.
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    Advance payment as agreed.
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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Data processing and approval.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Research methods

    In the course of research, the following methods are used:

    • ZSB – sounding by formation of the field in the near zone (TEM). The research depth is up to 2 km;
    • VEZ – vertical electrical sounding;
    • PEP – natural electric field;
    • EP – electrical profiling;
    • DP –
      dipole profiling;
    • PIEMZ – natural pulsed electromagnetic field of the Earth;
    • Magnetic exploration;
    • Microseismic zoning;
    • Georadiolocation method (geo-radar);
    • Metal detector.

    Geophysical research is always accompanied by the use of production facilities and resources.
    This is usually the monitoring of large structures, surveying of industrial complexes, residential buildings, as well as the analysis of objects for archaeological research.

    engineering and geophysical research

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    How to order engineering and geophysical studies

    In order to order geophysics services from us, you need:

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    2. Agree on the date and time of the works;
    3. Make an advance payment;
    4. After accepting the work, pay the balance of the cost.

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