Leveling of crane paths, roads, floors

Leveling of under-crane tracks is a complex of engineering and geodetic works, the main task of which is to measure the main parameters of under-crane tracks, as well as their geometric characteristics with in order to determine their location in plan and height.
This type of work refers to the construction stage of increased complexity, which requires high skill and qualification of surveyors, as well as the use of high-precision equipment.

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    What is leveling?

    Geodetic studies in the process of leveling crane rails include:

    • Geodesic verification of rail parallelism coefficients;
    • Determination of deviation indicators from the axis of each rail;
    • Determining the indicators of excess between adjacent rails;
    • Measuring between axles and rails;
    • Determination of excesses of one rail every 5-6 meters;
    • Determining the actual dimensions between all rails along the axes.

    Why is it necessary to level crane tracks, roads, rails and floors?

    The main task of leveling under-crane tracks, roads, rails and floors is to determine the compliance of the position of the studied structural elements with the project documentation, as well as with construction standards and regulations. Thanks to the leveling of the rails,
    the coefficient of excess between adjacent rails is determined, which can lead to structural non-compliance of the structure under construction.

    According to the requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine, inspections of crane tracks and rails must take place on real estate sites annually. In the process of compliance verification, it is investigated
    both the external condition of the building elements and complex geodetic studies are carried out.

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    The result of research and measurements is the entry of the obtained data in the table of ZNiP with indications of permissible and actual deviations for a specific real estate object. In addition, these tables indicate the “weak” points of a specific structure, which should be taken into account and eliminated when the next stages of the construction process are carried out.
    Leveling of under-crane elements is an equally important stage of construction, which allows obtaining data on the condition of structural elements of the building.

    The following inspection stages should be observed when conducting crane studies:

    • Determination of beam parallelism indicators;
    • Determining the degree of beam deflection;
    • Getting data about the dimensions between the wheels of the crane;
    • Determining the distance between the rails on the cart;
    • Getting data about the dimensions between the cart wheels;
    • Measurements of the main diagonals of the crane on wheels with control points.
    leveling of crane paths, roads, floors

    Leveling of sub-crane floors and leveling of sub-crane roads is an equally important stage in the implementation of the construction process of each real estate object. Floors should be level, shiny and smooth.

    The process of leveling the floor involves pouring a special, self-leveling mixture on top of the floor screed. Thanks to the leveling of the floor,
    the surface becomes perfectly flat and ready for carpeting, lamination or parquet board laying. When leveling the floor, you should take into account the height tolerances of the concrete. If the tolerances for concrete are up to 20 mm. in height, then for the finished floor it will be 2 mm. for every two meters of niver mixture.

    For, in order for the leveling of under-crane asphalt or the leveling of under-crane roads and roads to be implemented quickly and qualitatively, construction work should be entrusted exclusively to professionals. You can order the service of leveling crane tracks, roads or floors online today by visiting the official website of Mirnychy.

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