Geology for roads and communication systems

For the construction of roads, as well as any other, as well as for the laying of systems of various communications, it is important to conduct the preparatory stage correctly. And the main thing at this stage is geology for roads and communication systems. It is at this stage that the analysis of soils and the study of their physical properties is carried out.
Without knowledge of these data, it is impossible to build high-quality highways or properly lay communications.

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    What does the set of works include?

    The first thing that is done when carrying out such a complex of works is topographic survey of the locality, drawing up a plan of the territory with the smallest features of the local relief applied to it .
    Depending on the type of terrain, the scale plan of the map will differ, and significantly so. So, for example, for plain terrain the scale can be from 1:10000 to 1:25000, while for mountainous terrain it is 1:2000.

    For what purpose is geology conducted under roads?

    Geology for roads is carried out to determine the maximum possible load on the highway that will pass through the area. Also, thanks to the geological work carried out, it is possible to provide physical and mechanical characteristics of the soils on which the future road will be built with the correct design solutions.

    To carry out relevant works in such a geologically diverse area as Western Ukraine, it is important that the company that will carry out the works
    knew the peculiarities of conducting topographic surveys on different types of terrain, and its employees had considerable experience in this matter.

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    Who provides these services in western Ukraine?

    Our company “Mirnychiy” offers its services to residents of the city of Ivano-Frankivsk. We know all the peculiarities of the geological situation in the region, we have information about research in previous years,
    which can significantly reduce the time required to prepare documentation and save your money.

    Geology under roads is a complex complex of various manipulations, which should be performed by certified professionals. And we are ready to offer you just such dedicated workers.
    Geology for communication systems is an accompanying process during construction. It is performed in order to determine at what optimal depth it is better to lay a particular type of communications. Development of wells should be carried out along the laying route. If there is no such possibility,
    wells are drilled along it at a distance of 200-300 meters from each other. It is necessary to ensure the development of wells in swampy or watery places and on beams or slopes. In case of any change in the relief, it is important to carry out geological work there.

    Our company has been working in this region for a long time and knows
    what kind of equipment should be taken for high-quality work in Ternopil and the region to ensure the maximum result.

    geology for roads and communication systems

    Geology for communication systems is a necessary stage of construction, without which you risk laying a certain type of communication in an inappropriate place. As a result, natural phenomena can damage your system and lead to destruction.

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    Where can you order geology for roads and communication systems?

    Our company “Mirnychiyj” is always ready to help you in geological excavations in the city of Lviv. The quality of our work is always at the highest level, because all manipulations are carried out for you by professionals in their field.

    And the price of our services will pleasantly surprise you,
    because we’re not trying to get as much money out of you as possible. We provide quality services at reasonable prices in Lviv and other cities of the region. Contact us and you will definitely be satisfied. You can learn more about the offer on our website or by calling us.

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