3D laser scanning of complex contours of buildings and structures

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    What is laser scanning of buildings and structures?

    Having appeared about ten years ago, 3D laser scanning in Ukraine has already managed to conquer the market of services in the field of geodetic research. It is used to create or restore drawings of structures, as well as to translate all these measurements into a three-dimensional plane for further processing.

    Why is laser scanning of buildings necessary?

    3D laser scanning of facades and structures helps reproduce any architectural elements and features of the structure with millimeter accuracy. In addition, it takes much less time than when using classical measurement technologies and gives more accurate results.

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    Laser scanning in restoration

    Using 3D laser scanning of complex contours of buildings, you have the opportunity to get all the necessary technical documentation quite quickly.
    A high-quality representation on ordinary and three-dimensional drawings of the smallest details helps to draw up an accurate project for the restoration of the house with the preservation of all authentic elements, because it is precisely such elements that make architectural objects special.

    Using any other methods of creating drawings, it will be very difficult to achieve such results.

    3d laser scanning of complex contours of buildings and structures

    The price of the service depends on the cost of the equipment required for 3D laser scanning. However, the quality, speed and accuracy of the results are worth it!

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    How to order a 3D scan of a building?

    Not every employee of a geodetic company in Lviv can perform such complex work and work with special equipment. Carrying out such manipulations is a rather complex process, first of all, in technical terms.
    After scanning the building from different points, all the received data must be stitched into one complete project with reference to the coordinate system, as well as create drawings, draw up plans and other necessary documents.

    Professionals of our Mirnychiy company, who work in Western Ukraine, can help you with this.
    All our employees are certified in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Thus, you can be sure of the quality of the work performed, as well as the legal validity of the documents received from our company.

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