Geodetic works during installation of technological equipment

Geodetic work during the installation of technological equipment is an integral process of every construction. Modern real estate objects are characterized by the presence of devices and mechanisms of a high level of complexity for which geodetic works are supposed to be carried out in various ways.
Depending on the construction, it is worth choosing the method of technological equipment during installation.

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    Why are geodetic works necessary when installing technological equipment?

    The main task of carrying out geodetic works during installation is to ensure the operational reliability of the structure. Installation of technological equipment is carried out by the method of leveling, micro-leveling, as well as hydrostatic leveling.
    One of the most common methods for carrying out geodetic work during the installation of technological equipment is the leveling method. This method is widely used in the construction of residential and industrial facilities. Thanks to leveling, detection of the level of excess of one element from another is achieved. As a result,
    accuracy of installation of construction and technological equipment is achieved. This method is especially effective when installing horizontal equipment.

    In order to ensure the operational safety of each building, structures and mechanisms are installed using optical, string and string-optic methods.
    The string method of installing structures is easy for builders, but not highly accurate. With the current-optical method, the string is projected onto the mounting axis using specialized optical devices.

    The optical method is the most widespread in the construction of modern real estate objects. The basis of this method is the possibility of optical construction of structures with a high accuracy coefficient. The optical method of mounting structures is used either by the method of direct viewing or sequential creations.
    When mounting using direct sighting, a theodolite is installed on one of the points that fixes the mounting axis, and a sighting mark is fixed on the opposite axis. After targeting the theodolite mark, the line of sight becomes the mounting axis. The accuracy of this method depends on the degree of focusing and sighting errors. In that case,
    if the assembly line is 200 m long and is an enlarged theodolite pipe, the average error value will be up to 5 mm.

    The method of consecutive shots is used to increase accuracy with a weakened influence of sighting errors. During this method, the distance between the reference points is divided into equal parts, which makes it possible to obtain a more accurate construction of the creation.

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    Geodetic work during the installation of technological equipment is not a simple process, which requires not only the availability of professional equipment and design drawings, but also many years of practical work experience. That is why geodetic works during installation should be trusted exclusively to professionals. Find a team of the best specialists,
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    geodetic works during installation of technological equipment

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