Delineation of land plot boundaries in kind in the area

The process of drawing the boundaries of a land plot in kind on the terrain actually marks the boundary boundaries of the plot, separating it from neighboring allotments.

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    Why do you need to install boundary marks?

    This service is provided by professional surveyors in cases where the customer needs to do something with the plot – sell it, rent it out, give it away or build it. A similar procedure is also ordered by new heirs or people who received an allotment as a gift or lease.
    Usually, the marks from the paper plan are transferred in the form of boundary marks directly to the ground, but there is also the opposite situation, when the document confirming the dimensions is lost. Then the actual drawing of boundaries, or measurements by actual signs allow to legally restore the papers to the land.

    On the basis of what is the process of drawing borders in kind

    Geodetic surveying and approval of land plot boundaries are carried out on the basis of geodetic data entered in the State Geocadastre. For example, based on the general plan of a village or city. Boundary signs should be placed at each turning point of the plot.
    Exceptions to their rendering may be if the turn passes through natural boundaries – a reservoir or a forest strip, etc.

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    How does the process of drawing boundaries in nature happen

    The demarcation act of the land plot in kind on the site indicates that the boundary marks have been installed in those places where it is necessary for this land allotment. The rules for setting signs at the border have been regulated by the legislation of Ukraine since 2010. If previously the marks had an arbitrary appearance,
    since 2010, the State Land Resources Committee established their type and method of fastening. The peculiarity of marking is that each sign has an individual number that cannot be repeated even in another region.

    Demarcation of the boundaries of the land plot by the village council takes place with the knowledge of the owner and with the warning of his neighbors on the plot.
    Demarcation of land plot boundaries by the city council also takes place with the consent of the owner and neighbors, as well as in accordance with current legislation, using standardized boundary signs as marking elements.

    The cost of drawing the borders of the land plot

    Delineation of land plot boundariesfrom UAH 3,500
    delineation of land plot boundaries in kind in the area

    Demarcation of the boundaries of the land plot in kind in the area – Lviv or Rivne – the region does not matter – takes place with the involvement of specialists in geodesy and land management. Especially when an independent measurement is required. For example, a lawsuit to demarcate the boundaries of a land plot,
    obliges the owner to carry out this procedure at his own expense and to provide relevant documents confirming the final result. If allotments were issued to several farmers in one place and there is a misunderstanding between the neighbors regarding the ownership of the plots and their exact boundaries,
    the procedure for agreeing the boundaries of the land plot with adjacent owners and land users is used. It should be performed by certified professionals, such as those at Mirnychyj LLC.

    delineation of land plot boundaries in kind in the area 1

    No matter where you are in Ukraine, we will help you resolve disputes regarding the boundaries of your allotment. Contact us for contacts. We will be glad to help you with quality services of geodesy specialists. We work in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk. Residents of Rivne and Lviv can also order the work of our qualified employees. Now you will have no problems with drawing the boundaries of the land between neighbors or obtaining a topographical map of the area.

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