Geodesy in construction

The construction of any engineering structures must be accompanied by constant supervision by surveyors. The task of geodesy in construction is to control the compliance of design and actual construction parameters.

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    What is it?

    The surveyor’s contribution affects the success of construction no less than the work of builders. The work of a specialist performing geodetic support for construction works is to:

    • locate buildings and objects on the construction site in accordance with the project documentation and the restrictions established by law;
    • supervise compliance with the dimensions and geometry of all construction elements and provide information to the customer for timely elimination of deficiencies;
    • monitor the condition of the object during construction, deformation of the structure and nearby buildings.
    How we work
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    Your call or email request.
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    Agreement on price and terms.
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    Advance payment as agreed.
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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Data processing and approval.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Engineering and geodetic surveys during construction work require knowledge and the use of modern measuring equipment. Therefore, geodetic construction support should be entrusted to a company with the appropriate experience and qualifications.

    geodesy in construction

    You can find a team of the best, certified experts with many years of work experience without leaving your home online by visiting the "Mirnychyj" company website.

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    Geodetic support of construction works in Lviv and the region

    Geodetic and land surveying group “Mirnychyj” provides geodetic services in construction. We employ experienced specialists who use the most modern Leica geodetic equipment.

    The company can order complete geodetic support and control during construction of any
    which object (residential building, industrial premises, engineering structures, etc.) or individual services necessary for the successful implementation of construction works:

    • brought the pit to nature;
    • removal and breakdown of building axes;
    • removal of any structural elements of the building.

    To order geodetic services, call +38 (098) 680 99 09

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