Full geodetic support of construction: Residential complexes, Industrial facilities, gas stations and linear facilities

Geodetic construction support is a complex process, the main task of which is to ensure the reliability and safety of the future building. Geodetic support involves carrying out geodetic measurements, drawings and executive changes in accordance with the given regulatory and project documentation.

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    Why is geodetic support necessary?

    Geodetic support of residential complexes is an integral part of every construction process. A feature of geodetic support for the construction of roads and structures is the possibility of its implementation not only before the start of the construction process, but also during its implementation.

    Stages of geodetic construction support

    The main stages of geodetic construction support are:

    • Geological engineering and geological engineering surveys before the start of construction
    • The main construction period
    • End of construction process
    How we work
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    Agreement on price and terms.
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    Advance payment as agreed.
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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Data processing and approval.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Geodetic works

    Geodetic work during the construction of structures or roads is an important stage before the start of new construction. The possibility of starting the construction process depends on the correctness of their calculations. In case of compliance of geodetic divisions with the norms and regulations of the current legislation of Ukraine,
    the construction of a new building begins.

    To ensure the quality of geodetic support for construction, surveyors must accompany construction processes, as well as perform the necessary measurements. In addition, it is the professional surveyors who should carry out the registration of the documentation, the verification of the executive documents that were provided by the companies-
    construction subcontractors. The next stage of geodetic support is the qualified preparation of a scheme of all objects, projections, involved communications and a general master plan.

    full geodetic support of construction: residential complexes, industrial facilities, gas stations and linear facilities

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    full geodetic support of construction: residential complexes, industrial facilities, gas stations and linear facilities 1

    Order geodetic support for construction in Western Ukraine

    “Mirnychyj” LLP offers engineering geodetic support of objects of any purpose. Thanks to a team of professionals and the involvement of modern equipment, we carry out a wide range of geodetic works at every stage of production.
    The price of geodetic support is determined individually and depends on the volume of work, the configuration of the building and its location.
    To order geodetic support for a construction site, you just need to contact the managers of our company. Qualified experts will provide answers to any
    what are your questions and will recommend the optimal types of geodetic works in construction depending on the features of your object.

    “Mirnychyj” LLP is a professional geodetic support of industrial facilities of any purpose with a quality guarantee.

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