Creation of dimensional drawings of buildings and structures

The reconstruction of any building begins with the creation of dimensional drawings. Also, such drawings are used in the absence of the necessary working or executive documentation. Dimensional drawings are necessary for the development of documentation, where it is important to know the exact size of buildings or individual parts of building structures at this point in time.

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    Why is it necessary to create dimensional drawings of buildings?

    Creating dimensional drawings of buildings and structures is necessary for:

    • creation and restoration of drawings reflecting the state of the building in this period of time;
    • decoding drawings;
    • obtaining exact dimensions for planning and carrying out restoration works;
    • drawing up construction plans.

    Our company has established a low cost of creating dimensional drawings and keeps the quality of the service at a high level.

    How does the measurement process take place?

    When removing the characteristics of a building or structure, one of the methods is used:

    • In-kind measurement is a time-consuming process with the use of a tape measure, a ruler, a compass and a rangefinder. After readings are taken, they are processed on a PC in a special program;
    • Photogrammetric method –
      the building is photographed at a short distance from different angles. Then the images are analyzed with special equipment. This method is characterized by high accuracy and speed of measurement, it is quite automated and allows you to examine the construction even at a distance;
    • Geodesic method –
      includes establishing the coordinates of the building and carrying out external measurement works. In the process, experts make a calculation. The result of such measurements has a small level of error.

    Based on the features of the building, its characteristics, distance from other premises, the necessary method for measurement is determined.

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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    What is included in dimensional drawings?

    Dimensional drawings contain information about the building plan, including supporting structures, columns, ties, partitions, window and door openings, balconies, and more. The dimensions of all the above-mentioned structures, their location relative to each other, and the exact distance between them are also indicated.
    In addition, an elevation survey of the elements of internal communications is carried out with an indication of their exact location.

    The detailed creation of dimensional drawings of buildings is quite difficult work and can only be performed by professionals.
    Its implementation is necessary for the creation of working documentation for the further design of construction or restoration works.

    creation of dimensional drawings of buildings and structures

    Creation of dimensional drawings by Mirnychy company

    The professionals of our Mirnychiy company, who work in Ukraine, can help you with this task.

    Advantages of working with us:

    • Qualified employees;
    • Low cost of creating dimensional drawings;
    • Use of modern equipment in work;
    • Quick deadlines for completing the task;
    • High accuracy and reliability of data.

    All our employees are certified in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Thus, you can be sure of the quality of the work carried out, as well as the legal validity of the documents,
    received from our company.

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    How to order the creation of dimensional drawings of buildings and structures

    To order work from us, leave a request on the website or call the specified phone number. Our manager will answer all your questions and tell you what documents are needed to complete your task. The Mirnychiy company will perform any
    which works exactly on time with compliance with all necessary requirements. You can be sure that you entrust the creation of dimensional drawings to professionals!

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