Search for reconstruction and construction of civil and industrial buildings

In order to design, build or reconstruct any building (structure), be it a private house or an engineering structure, it is necessary to know: engineering and geological conditions of the selected site, geological structure; hydrogeological conditions, water permeability and physical and mechanical properties of rocks; geological and technogenic processes and phenomena,
which can complicate the construction and operation of structures.

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    Methodology of engineering and geological investigations

    Engineering searches for construction and searches for the reconstruction of buildings provide a comprehensive study of the natural and man-made conditions of the territory (region, district, site, site, route) of construction objects, making forecasts of the interaction of these objects with the environment,
    justification of their engineering protection and safe living conditions of the population.

    Methodology of engineering and geological prospecting:

    • engineering and geological reconnaissance;
    • drilling exploration works;
    • field research (static and dynamic sounding);
    • the study of physical
      mechanical properties of rocks in the laboratory.

    On the basis of the materials of engineering investigations for construction, pre-project documentation is developed, including urban planning documentation and justifications for investments in construction, projects and working documentation for the construction of enterprises, buildings and structures, including expansion,
    reconstruction, technical rearmament, operation and liquidation of objects, maintenance of state cadastres and information systems of settlements, as well as recommendations for making economically, technically, socially and ecologically based project decisions.

    Peculiarities and tasks of the work carried out

    Engineering searches, including engineering-geological and engineering-hydrological studies with the aim of identifying the features of the geomorphological structure and areas with the development of unfavorable engineering-geological processes and phenomena, survey of existing buildings.

    Researching engineering structures in their complete complex should be subordinated to the justification of solving a number of project tasks.

    The number of tasks that are solved by using research materials include:

    • substantiation of the technical feasibility and economic feasibility of building the facility in this area;
    • comparison of possible options for the location of the projected object and choosing the optimal one;
    • justification of the layout of the buildings and structures of the designed object according to the selected option;
    • argumentation of calculation schemes of foundations and environments of buildings and structures;
    • realization of the author’s supervision over the production of construction works.
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    In order to conduct engineering and geological surveys from the customer, we need the following data:

    • Technical task for engineering and geological prospecting, received from the designer of the structure;
    • Topographical plan of the site with underground communications and contours of the projected building (scale – 1: 500).
    search for reconstruction and construction of civil and industrial buildings

    Our company provides quality services at a moderate price throughout the region of Western Ukraine. Our staff employs only professionals who have all the relevant certificates for investigative work.

    The list of search operations we carry out includes:

    • Collection and processing of search materials of past years;
    • En route observations (reconnaissance survey);
    • Field work (drilling and testing wells, field studies of soil properties);
    • Geophysical research;
    • Laboratory research (determination of soil and groundwater properties);
    • Study of soils that form the basis of the foundations of existing buildings and structures;
    • Making a forecast of changes in engineering and geological conditions;
    • Assessment of danger and risk from geological and engineering-geological processes.
    search for reconstruction and construction of civil and industrial buildings 1

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