Hydrogeology is a study to assess the impact of groundwater, which is carried out during the operation and reconstruction, construction or design of objects.

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    Why is hydrogeology necessary?

    Hydrogeological surveys are conducted in order to assess possible risks arising under the influence of hydrogeological factors, as well as to create recommendations and actions that will reduce the negative impact on the construction process.

    The following works are carried out:

    • hydrogeological monitoring;
    • research-
      filtering works on the site;
    • geological risk assessment.

    Based on the results of the work, a hydrogeological map is drawn up, which reflects the conditions of occurrence, patterns of distribution and creation of groundwater.

    What is hydrogeological research?

    Qualified hydrogeological surveys are an integral part of the design process for any building or structure. The data obtained allows us to study the distribution of groundwater within a given region, which will allow us to drill production or research wells for water in the future.
    Potential risks of building operation arise if hydrogeological studies are neglected. As a rule, the destruction of the foundation occurs precisely due to the negative properties of the soil.

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    The conducted hydrogeological studies contribute to the successful solution of the following tasks:

    • Choosing the most favorable place for construction works, selecting the type of structure for the construction of the building;
    • Assessment of the object’s potential impact on the environment and development of a plan of measures for its protection;
    • Determining the degree of provision of the territory with groundwater;
    • Calculation of well drilling depth.

    Research conditions

    Normative documents regulate and strictly define the conditions under which conducting research is mandatory. Such cases include a possible dissection of underground water by a construction pit,
    and also for the normal functioning of the facility in similar situations, a drainage system is designed.

    A complete hydrogeological study includes an analysis of information from the last several decades, as well as a survey of the area of ​​influence of the future facility.

    Research is carried out with the drilling of shafts and wells,
    which helps to track the depth of groundwater and the degree of its contamination.


    Hydrogeology and its research are needed for the following objects:

    • Objects potentially dangerous for groundwater, causing intense pollution during operation or in the event of an accident;
    • When designing operational drainage and construction drainage;
    • When designing preventive drainage – if the maximum levels of underground water are predicted to be at a depth of less than half a meter, below the bottom of the pit;
    • When opening the waterproof layer and there is a danger of the bottom of the pit being breached by pressurized water;
    • A change in physical mechanical properties of the soil (achieved by saturation with capillary moisture and gravitational underground water );
    • In case of predicted self-flooding and possible leaks from water supply communications.
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    Considerable professional experience, highly qualified specialists and the most modern specialized equipment allow us to provide hydrogeological services with the highest quality and efficiency. In addition, competent employees of the company “Mirnychiyj” are ready to leave for hydrogeological research, not only in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and Rivne, but also anywhere in the region of Western Ukraine.

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