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We provide 3D scanning services of a wide variety of objects depending on the pursued goals. Get a consultation and order our services.

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    3D laser scanning services

    Geodetic and land surveying group “Mirnychiy” provides services for 3D scanning of facades, residential buildings, industrial facilities, infrastructure elements, engineering structures, etc.

    • Our specialists have extensive experience in laser scanning and data processing to create virtual models of various objects.
    • We create digital 3D models suitable for import into software packages (CAD, 3D MAX, DGN) used for designing and modeling architectural objects.
    • Mirnychiy Group provides laser scanning services at reasonable prices and quickly performs data acquisition and processing work.

    What is laser scanning for?

    Laser scanning is used to create virtual models of complex architectural buildings and structures.
    This technology allows you to create highly detailed and accurate digital versions of individual objects for later import into design or rendering software.

    Scanning with a laser provides detailed information about the dimensions and geometry of the object’s surface.
    The accuracy of this method allows you to capture and reproduce the smallest details from 2 mm in size, so it is appropriate to use it to create digital copies of ancient architectural monuments with complex decoration or stucco, etc.

    In addition to Lviv, we also provide laser 3D scanning services in other cities and regional centers of Ukraine: Vinnytsia,
    Zhytomyr, Ivano-Frankivsk, Kropyvnytskyi, Lutsk, Mykolaiv, Odesa, Rivne, Ternopil, Uzhhorod, Kherson, Khmelnytskyi, Chernivtsi.

    Laser 3D scanning services

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    Laser scanning is an innovative technology for collecting various data in space. As a result of scanning, a three-dimensional model is formed – the so-called “cloud of points”.

    The materials of laser scanning of the area are the basis for creating topographic maps and cartograms,
    which help to solve many practical tasks in the form of development of a general plan of the area, territorial planning schemes, land inventory, installation and repair of engineering networks.

    Relying on the rich experience of our employees, you will be able to order and receive 3d scanning services in a short time without compromising the quality of work.
    Certified surveying engineers from the “Mirnichy” group very often carry out similar work: our specialists successfully use laser scanners in geodesy. An example of this can be the recent work on laser scanning in construction in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk, as well as 3D field surveys we provide in Lviv,
    Lviv region and the entire territory of Ukraine.

    Advantages of laser 3d scanning

    Recently, laser 3d scanning is increasingly being used not only in geodesy, but also in other fields. It has a number of obvious advantages:

    • high shooting speed;
    • reduction of costs during topography and executive surveying;
    • obtaining more accurate shooting results;
    • minimum field work time;
    • details and completeness of data;
    • saving time;
    • automation of results processing;
    • possibility of use in many fields;
    • safety of work.

    Where is laser scanning used?

    Laser scanning in geodesy is used to create virtual models of complex structures. A 3d scanner for measuring premises gives accurate digital versions of certain objects, which makes it possible to use them in the future for import into software for design and visualization.
    Scanning buildings and their contours is quite economical. With the help of high-frequency laser radiation, it is possible to quickly obtain detailed models in three dimensions that accurately repeat the technological elements of structures.

    Terrestrial laser scanning in geodesy allows you to obtain detailed information about the size and shape of objects.
    The precision of this method allows you to fix and reproduce the smallest details from 2 mm in size, so the laser is often used to create digital copies of architectural buildings with complex stucco.

    Service of laser 3D scanning from the Mirnychy group

    Employees of the “Mirnychii” group provide scanning services of residential buildings and facades, infrastructure elements and industrial facilities, etc. We create 3d models that can be used when importing software packages (CAD, 3D MAX, DGN) used for design and modeling of architectural objects.
    Do you need to know how much fertile land is lost to arable land after excessive rainfall? Don’t know where to place an order for laser scanning of objects in Rivne? Do you need to scan a forest with a tree-level survey or meadows? Despite the fact that the main office of the geodetic and land surveying group “Mirnychiy” is located in the city of Lviv,
    we are ready to offer our services in other cities of the region. We guarantee the use of modern high-quality equipment for laser scanning, the price of which will pleasantly surprise you.

    Qualified employees of the “Mirnychiy” company will perform 3D scanning in Lviv and the region, as well as in other settlements of Western Ukraine –
    trust real professionals, and you will get a guaranteed result at the best price, which will 100% satisfy your wishes.!

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