Engineering geological research

Any construction is a very long, difficult and responsible process. It consists of a considerable number of stages. One of the most important aspects of construction is engineering and geological research.

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    Why are engineering and geological surveys needed

    Geological engineering surveys are a set of land plot studies that are necessary for the design, construction or reconstruction of a construction site. They contribute to a comprehensive analysis of the natural and man-made conditions of the area, in which construction is carried out, forecasting the impact of the object on the environment and ensuring the safety of local residents.

    Based on the results of the works, they develop pre-project and urban planning documentation, justify the need for investment investments in the construction process, draw up projects and working documentation, including in case of expansion, reconstruction, operation or liquidation of buildings and structures. Also, as a result of the works, justified economic, technical, social and environmental project decisions are made.

    engineering geological surveys should be carried out in order to determine the necessary measures to protect buildings from dangerous processes and natural phenomena. In addition, with the help of surveys, experts predict the subsidence of buildings, changes in the relief and the position of groundwater. This is drilling wells, testing rocks in laboratories, creating engineering
    geological report.

    1. Tasks of engineering and geological investigations

    The list of works includes engineering-geological and engineering-hydrological studies, which are aimed at establishing the features of the geomorphological structure and zones in which unfavorable engineering-geological processes are noted.

    Geological prospecting solves the following tasks:

    • estimation of complexity, characteristics of engineering and geological conditions of the territory and obtaining initial data for construction projects;
    • forecasting changes in engineering and geological conditions under the influence of natural and man-made factors, determination of permissible effects on the elements of the geological environment and methods of achieving the state of this environment,
      which is required;
    • assessing the risk of human life in specific territories;
    • development of projects to protect territories and individual objects from adverse and dangerous processes.
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    Geological engineering surveys for construction

    Engineering and geological exploration for construction is an explanatory factor of monetary costs for construction works. Planning and implementation of this process is carried out with the help of a project organization that provides a technical task. This document must contain the name of the object,
    types and purpose of searches, step-by-step information on design and construction works, as well as data on necessary measures to protect buildings and territory.

    In order to carry out the relevant works in such a geologically diverse area as Western Ukraine, it is extremely necessary that the company undertaking such a complex of works
    knew the specifics of conducting engineering and geological surveys on various types of terrain, and its employees had considerable experience in this matter.

    engineering geological research

    Required documents for work

    If you want to order engineering and geological prospecting from Mirnychyj company, we will need the following data:

    • Technical task from the object designer;
    • A topographical plan of the site with an indication of all underground communications and the presence of contours of the projected structure (on a scale of 1: 500).

    We work with high-precision equipment, the work is performed by qualified and experienced employees, so you can be sure of the quality of the final material.
    We have also set reasonable prices for engineering and geological prospecting so that everyone can use our services.

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    Where can you order engineering and geological surveys?

    We are very well acquainted with the geological situation in the region, so we are able to fulfill orders of any level of complexity. The price and term of the search are fully dependent on the location, the degree of investigation of the area, and the level of complexity of the object.
    That is, the cost of services in Lviv may differ significantly from prices in Ivano-Frankivsk. However, you can order our services not only in the above-mentioned cities, but also, for example, in Ternopil. And, regardless of the venue, the quality of our company’s services will significantly exceed the level of costs of our customers.

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