3D scanning of the facade

To create a detailed and accurate construction project, it is advisable to use the most modern equipment. One of the modern methods of conducting research necessary for the high-quality construction of a construction project is 3D scanning of the facade.
The importance of the method is due to the need to obtain accurate measurements of complex production facilities or architectural monuments, where there is decoration, columns, etc. in the elements of the facade.

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    Why 3D scanning of the facade?

    The peculiarity of such works is that the information immediately acquires a digital form, the model in three-dimensional form can be seen immediately and the necessary work can be started. Based on the measurements, you can calculate the necessary materials and the amount of future work.

    Qualitatively conducted 3D scanning of the facade is a pleasure that is not cheap. The high price of the service is due to the high cost of the necessary equipment. However, the 3D scanning itself will help you save the time needed to carry out all the measurements by classical methods, as well as time to build drawings and the like.

    How is 3D scanning of the facade performed?

    Scanning is carried out in several stages. The first stage is the drawing up of a plan of the work carried out. Next, the duties are distributed among the selected specialists. Only after that, direct scanning begins, after which work with the data continues in laboratory conditions.
    From all the received images, a three-dimensional model of the building is formed with reference to coordinates. Next, all the necessary drawings and plans are made.

    How we work
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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Data processing and approval.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Who will help to make a 3d scan of the facade?

    Not every specialist in the city of Rivne can work on such equipment. Therefore, we offer the services of our company “Mirnychyj” – we not only have all the necessary equipment for this type of work,
    as well as professionals certified in accordance with current legislation.

    3d scanning of the facade

    Our main office is located in the city of Lviv. We can also fulfill orders from other cities, for example from Ivano-Frankivsk.

    You can order scanning and other services from our company at our branch in the city of Ternopil. We always qualitatively and timely fulfill all obligations assigned to us,
    because a satisfied customer is our main goal.

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    Professionals of our Mirnychiy company, who work in Western Ukraine, can help you with 3D scanning of the facade. You can contact us by calling us or visiting our office in Lviv or our website.

    All our employees are certified in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. So,
    you can be sure of the quality of the work performed, as well as the legal validity of the documents received from our company.

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