Monitoring of power lines

Power lines are a component of the power grid that is designed and built for power transmission. Under the influence of external factors, every component of the transmission line itself, namely: supports, insulators and power lines, can change or be damaged.
Power lines can be damaged or changed not only by external factors caused by weather conditions or natural elements, but also by unauthorized human intervention. In order to control and notice any changes in the power line in a timely manner, it is monitored.

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    Monitoring the condition of power lines (power lines)

    It is convenient and profitable to monitor the condition of power lines (power lines), wires, insulators, poles and trees that have fallen in the protection zone of power lines with the help of a drone.
    With the help of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), aerial photography is carried out along the entire route of the power line. This makes it possible to carry out high-quality monitoring of power lines and determine the place of work disruption.

    The main advantages of using UAVs:

    • Price;
    • Operativeness;
    • Construction of an orthophoto plan or a digital model in a short time.

    The use of drones allows you to get as close as possible to any element of the transmission line, which is necessary for in-depth analysis and the construction of detailed reports. The use of modern equipment provides high-quality photos, as well as receiving video materials in real time.

    With the help of a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle,
    drone) the following tasks can be solved during the evaluation of power lines:

    • Overall evaluation of power transmission lines;
    • Measuring wire sags;
    • Executive survey of power lines;
    • Aerial photography of power lines, masts and power lines;
    • Thermal imaging control of power elements of high-voltage lines;
    • Control using laser scanning of the permissible height of trees in the area where power lines pass;
    • Surveying of new routes and the territory adjacent to them, as well as the creation of digital models based on the received data relief;
    • Designing the routes of laying power lines using existing supports and new wire models;
    • Identification of construction sites;
    • Engineering calculations and analysis of sagging wires, determination of physical parameters, modeling of loads;
    • Analysis of damages, accidents;
    • Analysis of overgrowth of existing corridors of power transmission lines;
    • Forecasting and modeling of natural impacts.
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    Monitoring with LLC Mirnychiy Lviv and region

    When surveying power lines, the technology of automated modeling and assessment of the shape of supports is widely used, based on several digital photographs, which does not require accurate mapping of survey points to geographic coordinates.
    The form of vegetation in the protection zone around power lines can be automatically restored from video data or photographs.

    monitoring of power lines

    In order to order a monitoring service on power transmission lines in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk or Rivne using aerial photography, contact Mirnychiy LLP. We provide our services throughout the region of Western Ukraine. Only professionals work in our staff and certified equipment is used.
    After the completed monitoring works, the customer can receive the following materials:

    1. Video and photo files;
    2. Coordinates of supports and information from them;
    3. Topographic plans of different complexity;
    4. 3D terrain model based on photos and videos;
    5. Vector maps and orthophoto plans of the area where monitoring was carried out.
    monitoring of power lines 1

    Professionals of our Mirnychiyj company, working in Western Ukraine, can help you monitor power lines. You can contact us by calling us or visiting our office in Lviv or our website.

    All our employees are certified in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine.
    Thus, you can be sure of the quality of the work performed, as well as the legal validity of the documents received from our company.

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