Topographic survey of the area on a scale of 1:500-1:2000

Topographic surveying of the area is a responsible process, the main task of which is to create a topographic or geodetic plan of the area. Conducting engineering and geodetic works on a scale of 1:500-1:2000 involves the step-by-step removal of plot boundaries and real estate objects located on the investigated land area.

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    In addition, during the topographic survey of the area, engineering objects such as gas pipelines, power lines, heat lines, sewers, manholes, water pipes, and electrical cabinets are studied. In addition to creating a detailed topographical plan of the area, during the engineering geodetic surveys determine the level of environmental safety of the real estate object in relation to objects located in a 300-meter zone from the land plot. Such facilities include farms, cemeteries, highways, gas stations, large transformer substations, warehouses, and water towers.

    Stereotopographic and combined methods are used to create topographic plans on a scale of 1:500, 1:2000. These methods of topographic survey allow obtaining reliable information about the peculiarities of the studied area.

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    Why do you need a topographic survey of the area on a scale of 1:500-1:2000?

    Topographic surveying of the area on a scale is necessary during the implementation of each construction process. Thanks to the obtained data, it is not only determined the ecological
    geodetic compliance of the real estate object with the current standards for the further construction operation of the object, but a thorough study of the given territory is also carried out.
    The result of performing all geodetic works is the receipt of a printed version of the topoplan of the studied area with applied height pickets and horizontals in the Baltic system of heights. Thanks to receiving data on the characteristics of the land plot, designers and architects determine the optimal placement, as buildings on the plot,
    as well as landscape design or other decorated elements.

    topographic survey of the area on a scale of 1:500-1:2000

    The choice of the right method for topographic surveying is determined depending on the relief of the territory and its characteristics, as well as the scale and area of ​​the survey. The process of topographic surveying allows you to obtain accurate factual data of the shape and dimensions of the area, which are further confirmed by topographic maps and a vertical.
    During the topographic survey, both the separate use of methods and the combination of the combined and stereotopographic method are allowed.

    Topographic surveying of the area is carried out taking into account the following stages:

    Aerial photography is carried out in accordance with the requirements of the current regulatory documents on aerial photography, as well as the provisions of the Instructions and documents related to photo works when creating topographic plans and maps.

    • Marking of markers on the terrain;

    Large-scale topographic surveying requires special attention and involves marking the points of the geodetic base. With a topographic survey on a scale of 1:500, the points of the geodetic base and all recognizable plan-elevation and plan marks are marked.
    A topographic survey on a scale of 1:2000 provides for the marking of points of the geodetic base, plan-elevation identification marks, hatches of underground communications, all exit and entrance landmarks, which are fixed on the axes of the aerial photography routes.

    Topographic surveying is not a simple process,
    that is why its implementation should be entrusted only to a team of experienced surveyors. The surveyors of Mirnychiy LLP know how to quickly and correctly conduct a topographic survey on a scale of 1:500 or a topographic survey on a scale of 1:2000.

    • Planned preparation of aerial photographs;

    The placement of all plan identification signs is designed as a supplement to the existing on-site geodetic network points in order to provide each section of the photogrammetric network with a planned basis.

    • Altitude preparation of aerial photographs during stereotopographic shooting;

    Altitude preparation of aerial photographs is carried out in order to determine planned reference points and clear contours. This stage is important when carrying out a topographical survey of forest areas.

    Deciphering a photo image is an integral component of topographic plans created by the stereotopographic method.
    During decoding, objects and contours of a specific area are recognized and drawn using conventional signs on photo plans, as well as all digital characteristics of the investigated real estate object are applied.

    topographic survey of the area on a scale of 1:500-1:2000 1

    Order a topographic survey of the area on a scale of 1:500-1:2000 at an affordable price

    Mirnychyj LLC is a good choice for conducting topographic surveys of any level of complexity in the territory of Western Ukraine. Thanks to many years of experience and high-quality equipment,
    we quickly implement topographical surveying for real estate objects of any purpose. The price for topographic survey on a scale of 1:500, as well as the price for a topographic survey on a scale of 1:2000 depends on the features of the land plot and is negotiated individually.
    For the convenience of our customers, you can order a topographic survey of the area on a large scale, both online on our website and by contacting the managers of our company.

    LLC Mirnychyj is a wide range of engineering and geodetic works, a team of the best experts and only affordable prices.

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