Topographic survey of the land plot, area

Topographic surveying of the area is carried out to obtain correct data about the topography of the land plot and exact coordinates of the objects on it. Surveying is required for drawing up detailed maps and general plans of the area. They are used by architects, designers and builders.

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    Topographic surveys of any complexity

    Topographic survey of the land plot includes:

    • field works – measurements on the ground using special geodetic tools and equipment;
    • compiling a topographic plan – interpretation of the received data and their presentation in the form of a map or plan.

    We perform:

    • topographic survey of the area on a scale of 1:500 – 1:2000 with drawing up plans in digital or paper form for obtaining building permits,
      connection to communications, as well as design, construction or reconstruction of objects;
    • drawing of red lines – conditional boundaries separating the site from the territories where it is prohibited to carry out construction and earthmoving works.

    Why is a topographical survey of a land plot, terrain necessary?

    Topographic surveying carried out by specialists provides reliable and complete information that can be used for the design of residential, industrial or infrastructure facilities, capital construction and reconstruction,
    laying of roads and communications or other needs.

    Errors made during field surveys or processing of their results can lead to serious problems during construction work. Therefore, topographic and geodetic surveying for landscape design or construction should be entrusted only to proven companies,
    having specialists with appropriate qualifications and experience.

    Prices for topographic surveying

    M 1:500from UAH 1,500/ha
    M 1:100 \ 1:200from UAH 4,500/ha
    M 1:1000from UAH 1,500/ha
    M 1:2000from UAH 220/ha
    M 1:5000from UAH 220/ha

    Topographic works

    Copying from the topographic-geodetic plan

    Topographic-geodetic surveying is a complex study of a land plot, which involves recording all research results on a topographic-geodetic plan. One of the most important documents in the topographical and geodetic plan is a copy from the topographical and [...]

    Delineation of land plot boundaries in kind in the area

    The process of drawing the boundaries of a land plot in kind on the terrain actually marks the boundary boundaries of the plot, separating it from neighboring [...]

    Approval of underground networks

    Approval of underground networks is the final stage of studies of compliance of all engineering communications for further safe operation of the real estate object. During the implementation of the construction process, it is the approval of underground [...]

    Tree survey with tree taxa

    In the Lviv region, tree-based photography has become widely used. Certified specialists of the “Mirnychiy” geodetic and land surveying group conduct tree-to-tree surveys on the territory of regional centers, among which Rivne and [...]

    Creating a sub-base for designing

    Creating a sub-base for designing is necessary, in particular, when landscape improvement, planting of plants, etc. is planned on the site. It is not so easy to make a real and high-quality landscape design. It turns out that this concept does not mean [...]

    Topographic survey of the bottom of reservoirs and watercourses

    The topographic map of the bottom of the underwater part of rivers, lakes, artificial reservoirs is a map with depth measurements and various elements of navigation, which will become an indispensable attribute both for fans of water sports and fishermen, [...]

    Topographic survey for landscape design

    Topographic surveying for landscape design is a set of works designed to determine the relief, site boundaries and the height of a point above sea level, in order to obtain data for the implementation of landscape project tasks. The topographic survey of [...]

    Topographic survey of the area on a scale of 1:500-1:2000

    Topographic surveying of the area is a responsible process, the main task of which is to create a topographic or geodetic plan of the area. Conducting engineering and geodetic works on a scale of 1:500-1:2000 involves the step-by-step removal of plot [...]

    Route search works, Search for underground cables, pipes, water supply, sewerage, gas pipeline, clarify the position

    Route-finding works are a complex of engineering-research, engineering-geodetic and topographic-geodetic works, the main task of which is to accurately determine the location, depth of laying and other characteristics of communications in order to [...]

    Red lines, drawing red lines

    Building lines are special lines, the main task of which is to define the boundaries between the building and other real estate objects. Red lines in urban planning documents are located on the construction plan of a specific land plot and [...]

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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Topographic and geodetic surveying is important not only when drawing up topographic maps and plans of land plots, but also when adjusting them in the process of carrying out works related to systems of engineering communications and various decorative elements at photographers for landscape design.

    Certified specialists with a high level of qualification who have conducted more than one topographical survey on the territory of Ukraine are needed to perform the above-mentioned works. An example of topographical
    you can find the geodetic survey of a land plot in Lviv by the surveyors of the “Mirnychiy” group on our website and ask the managers about the specifics of its implementation. We provide the same service in Ternopil, Ivano-Frankivsk and any other settlement in Ukraine.
    The main advantage of cooperation with our company is confidence in the effectiveness of topographic surveying, compliance with the terms of the task and competitive prices for services.

    Topographic surveying: main varieties

    There are different types of topographic and geodetic surveying:

    • monthly – measurements are carried out directly on the site at the same time as the topographic-geodetic plan of the land plot is drawn up;
    • analytical – large-scale surveying of building facades is carried out;
    • tacheometric is the most popular type,
      which includes the survey of areas for development;
    • phototheodolite – surveying large areas using aerial vehicles;
    • terrain surveying by leveling the surface – research is carried out on flat areas with a small number of contours;
    • with the use of satellites – satellite navigation systems are used in the works.

    All described types of topographic and geodetic surveys are carried out in full by the geodetic and land surveying group “Mirnichy”,
    offering you cooperation with real professionals with vast experience in conducting topographic surveys of various levels of complexity in Lviv and Ternopil, as well as other settlements of our country.

    Peculiarities of topographical surveying of a land plot, terrain

    Surveying is carried out to obtain correct data about the relief of the site and exact coordinates of the objects located on it, and its results are used in their professional activities by designers, architects and builders. This shooting includes field work,
    that is, on-site measurements using special geodetic equipment, as well as drawing up a topographic-geodetic plan, which contains the obtained results in the form of maps and plans.

    It should be noted,
    that errors in conducting field surveys and processing the obtained results can significantly affect the progress of construction work and lead to serious problems. To avoid such a situation, we advise you to entrust the investigation of the site to experienced experts.

    Area of ​​application of topographical surveying

    Despite the many varieties of topography,
    all its types are a mandatory component of creating a topographic and geodetic plan of a land plot. Why do you need a topographical survey of a land plot? This question will be answered in detail by our managers, who can be contacted right now by phone or online at
    u.a. In short, this geodetic survey is necessary to create a plan on which power lines, water pipes, gas pipelines, heating lines, sewage networks are plotted, which can be displayed only after the completion of the topographic-geodetic survey on the site. Surveying the area also allows you to determine the safe distance of the building,
    which is being built in relation to other buildings located in the immediate vicinity of it.

    Are you looking for a team of surveyors to carry out a geodetic survey of the area in Rivne or Ternopil? Our company “Mirnychiy” will provide a topographic survey, the price and quality of which will definitely please you.
    Ordering the service is very simple: contact us in any convenient way from those indicated on the website and choose a convenient time and place to meet with us.

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