Approval of underground networks

Approval of underground networks is the final stage of studies of compliance of all engineering communications for further safe operation of the real estate object. During the implementation of the construction process, it is the approval of underground networks that acts as a guarantor of the operational safety of the structure at the state level.

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    The following classification of underground networks is distinguished:

    • Pipelines;

    Pipeline networks include water pipelines, gas and heat pipes, as well as special networks of industrial facilities, which may include ash pipelines, oil pipelines and other underground networks.
    Due to the correct location and installation of underground conduits, the overall safety of the building is achieved.

    • Cable equipment;

    Installation of cable equipment involves the installation and testing of high and low voltage currents, as well as low current cable equipment.

    • General collectors.

    Collectors are intended for the safe placement of thermal, plumbing and electrical building elements.

    Why do you need approval of underground networks?

    The approval of underground networks is the result of compliance of the construction object with the current environmental protection requirements for engineering communications. In addition, when agreeing engineering networks and communications, balance-keepers confirm the actual location of communications,
    their material, diameter, pressure, etc.

    When conducting a survey of underground networks, both the minimum permissible distances from electrical networks to buildings and the determination of the size of land plots for electrical network facilities are taken into account.
    All executive schemes in the process of topographic surveying of underground networks are carried out using special high-precision equipment – a track finder. Elevation marks require special attention during the study. When connecting the building to the sewage network, it is the mark of the connection point that plays a decisive role.
    After receiving accurate data in accordance with a specific real estate object, surveyors form reporting documentation that is confirmation of the structure’s compliance with current safety and environmental protection standards.

    The process of approval of underground networks is a responsible and important process,
    which provides for the transfer of the received data to the bodies of the executive power. The result of the approval of underground networks is the transition to the next stages of implementation of the construction plan.

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    To obtain the approval of engineering communications, the structure must comply with the rules of protection and safety of further operation.

    During construction, protective zones are established:

    • Along overhead power lines;
    • Near underground power cable lines;
    • Along submarine cable lines and around substations.

    Special attention is paid to the safety of operation of electrical networks along overhead power lines. Compliance with security requirements is allowed under the condition that the distance of the building to the current-carrying parts relative to the highest point will be at least one meter at a voltage of up to 35 KV.
    The protection zone of 10 square meters and the protection zone of 4 square meters provide for a safe distance of power transmission lines from the construction.

    The experts of Mirnychiy LLC know how underground networks should be correctly connected and what the distance between electric poles should be.

    approval of underground networks

    “Mirnychyj” LLP offers approval of underground networks in accordance with the protection and safety requirements of Ukraine for objects of any purpose. Thanks to a team of the best and certified experts and high-precision equipment, we already today implemented a number of approvals for real estate objects in the territory of Western Ukraine.
    You can order approval of underground networks with a thorough study of all communications of the building, both online on our website, and by contacting the managers of LLC “Mirnychyj“.

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    Professionals of our Mirnychyj company, who work in Western Ukraine, can help you with this. You can contact us by calling us or visiting our office in Lviv or our website.

    All our employees are certified in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. So,
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