“Mirnychiyj” LLC provides geodetic services of any complexity. Among them, both geodetic surveying for designing a house on a plot, geodesy of a plot for landscape design, setting boundaries on the terrain by cadastral number, and the development of executive geodetic documentation for putting the facility into operation.
Full geodetic support during design and construction. Get a consultation and order our services.

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    Complex engineering and geodetic searches

    We perform:

    • geodetic work on construction sites (layout of the plan in kind, supervision of compliance with the geometry and dimensions of elements of buildings and structures, monitoring of the condition of the object, monitoring of deformations);
    • topographic and cadastral surveys (geodetic measurements on the ground, drawing up topographic plans, drawing red lines, development of technical documentation with land structure);
    • geodetic work in the mining industry (preparation of a topographic plan before starting work, calculation of the volumes of pits and embankments, executive shooting, drawing up a cartogram).

    Why are geodetic works necessary?

    Geodetic works are a necessary component of construction, land management, mining and other industries. Accuracy and reliability of information obtained during geodetic surveys and measurements,
    are of great importance for planning and evaluating the results of many types of activities.

    We use only high-quality certified geodetic equipment for accurate and fast survey results and volume calculations. Geodetic works on the land plot are an integral part of any manipulation of the plot.
    They are necessary for the preparation of documents, for the design of construction, reconstruction, and landscape design. In addition, some geodetic procedures help control real estate objects during their operation.

    Geodesy, using measurement and calculation procedures,
    makes it possible to study the important characteristics of any territory – its size, shape, location in space, relief and the presence of other objects on it (real estate, water bodies, green areas, roads, communications).

    Geodetic works

    Executive geodetic surveying

    Executive geodetic survey is a topographical survey of a building, the main task of which is to determine the position in plan and height of the above-ground and underground parts of the building. In the process of executive shooting, the height position [...]

    Executive removal of structural elements at the construction site

    Executive removal of structural elements is an important process, the main task of which is to obtain reliable data on the compliance of construction elements with the provided project documentation. The process of executive shooting is implemented at all [...]

    Removal of any structural elements of the building

    Geodetic works in construction are an integral part of every construction process. It is thanks to geodetic works that the correct planned placement of all construction objects is achieved according to their geometry and construction rules and [...]

    Took out the pit

    A pit is an artificial deepening in the ground, which is made for the purpose of establishing the foundation of a building, as well as other building elements and hydraulic structures. The dimensions of the pit are determined taking into account the [...]

    Removed the rapper, transferred the rapper

    Engineering geodesy is an integral part of every construction process. Thanks to the support and guidance of qualified surveyors, the construction of structures takes place quickly, correctly and in accordance with the provided project documentation. One [...]

    Extrusion and breakdown of building axes, breakdown of building axes, breakdown of main building axes

    Engineering geodesy is an integral part of every construction process. In addition to conducting engineering and geodetic surveys and drawing up the necessary project documentation, engineering geodesy involves expert breakdown and elevation of the [...]

    Geodetic works during installation of technological equipment

    Geodetic work during the installation of technological equipment is an integral process of every construction. Modern real estate objects are characterized by the presence of devices and mechanisms of a high level of complexity for which geodetic works are [...]

    Geodesy in construction

    The construction of any engineering structures must be accompanied by constant supervision by surveyors. The task of geodesy in construction is to control the compliance of design and actual construction [...]

    Control of correct fixing of anchor bolts and embedded parts

    Geodetic work in construction is a complex of calculations and measurements, the main task of which is to ensure the correct placement of the building and its structural elements according to the geometric parameters of the project. Thanks to the geodetic [...]

    Monitoring of power lines

    Power lines are a component of the power grid that is designed and built for power transmission. Under the influence of external factors, every component of the transmission line itself, namely: supports, insulators and power lines, can change or be [...]

    Leveling of crane paths, roads, floors

    Leveling of under-crane tracks is a complex of engineering and geodetic works, the main task of which is to measure the main parameters of under-crane tracks, as well as their geometric characteristics [...]

    Full geodetic support of construction: Residential complexes, Industrial facilities, gas stations and linear facilities

    Geodetic construction support is a complex process, the main task of which is to ensure the reliability and safety of the future building. Geodetic support involves carrying out geodetic measurements, drawings and executive changes in accordance with the [...]

    Observation of deformations of buildings and structures, dams, hydroelectric power

    In order to obtain detailed information about the temporary deformation of buildings, the displacement parameters of piles and supporting structures are measured on a regular basis along horizontal, vertical and full vectors, as well as the stretching and [...]

    Creation of dimensional drawings of buildings and structures

    The reconstruction of any building begins with the creation of dimensional drawings. Also, such drawings are used in the absence of the necessary working or executive documentation. Dimensional drawings are necessary for the development of documentation, [...]

    How we work
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    Your call or email request.
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    Agreement on price and terms.
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    Advance payment as agreed.
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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Data processing and approval.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Geodetic works are an integral part of various industries, among which construction, land management and mining are especially important. In geodesy, the accuracy and reliability of the provided information, namely research and measurements, which are necessary for planning and evaluating the results of many types of activities, are extremely important.
    Geodetic services and works of varying complexity must be performed at a decent level, as they are essential for starting construction work on any structure, issuing permits, and starting mining activities. Before carrying out any work, it is necessary to sign a contract for the provision of geodetic services,
    which insures both parties against poor performance of duties – services and deadlines on the part of the executor and scope of work and payment on the part of the customer.

    Geodetic and land surveying group “Mirnychiy” offers geodetic services throughout the territory of Western Ukraine.
    Many years of experience and a variety of services of varying complexity in Lviv and Rivne favorably distinguish our company from competitors. We are ready for a detailed discussion of the elements of the agreement and offer a favorable price reduction when ordering several items on our geodesy website

    Types of geodetic works

    Our company offers the following types of geodetic services:

    • Geodesic surveys of construction objects – geodesy of the site consists of making a plan in kind, monitoring compliance with the geometry and dimensions of the building as a whole and its elements, as well as monitoring the condition of the object, that is, executive surveying of buildings at various stages of construction.
    • Topographic and cadastral surveying includes geodetic measurements on the site, drawing up topographic plans, drawing red lines, development of technical documentation.
    • Geodetic work in the mining industry involves drawing up a TOPOPLAN, calculating the volumes of pits and embankments,
      executive surveying and mapping.

    We are ready to provide geodetic support services, which include all types of engineering and geodetic works that accompany and precede various stages of the construction process.

    We provide a variety of geodesy services: measurement of the volume of earth masses, engineering and geodetic surveys,
    removal and breakdown of construction axes, drawing red lines and much more – you are provided with all geodesy, the price of which is as affordable as possible.

    In addition to Lviv, we also provide services in other cities of Ukraine:

    Geodetic services from Mirnychyj in Western Ukraine

    Geodetic and land surveying group “Mirnychiy” has been helping clients to obtain permission to start the construction process and mining works for many years, that is why we are proud of our experience and feedback from customers who received a guaranteed high-quality result.
    You can contact our geodesy center with any question – and we will try to solve it as soon as possible.

    We carry out geodetic work, the cost of which is minimal, and you can judge the quality of the work yourself by the reviews of grateful customers in Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil and other regional centers of Western Ukraine.
    If you need to draw up a project of geodetic works or conduct certain studies in another settlement, our employees will be able to go to the destination for a personal meeting after completing the application on the website. Geodetic works are carried out by experienced geodetic engineers, professionals,
    who have proof of their knowledge and skills in the form of certificates approved in Ukraine. You can order geodetic services from us, the contract for which will be drawn up on the same day and signed by both parties to comply with all the specified points with a high level of responsibility.

    Mirnychiy company engineers work in all geodetic directions.
    Therefore, we will be able to provide any customer with a full range of works. Our field of activity includes:

    • provision of land management needs – cadastral surveying, geodesy of the site, drawing up a cadastral plan or map, definition (clarification) and rendering of site boundaries in kind;
    • topographic and geodetic works – topographic surveying, development of a topographical plan of the area at various scales;
    • support of the construction process of buildings and roads – breakdown of the main and auxiliary axes of the future building or road, calculation of the volume of earthworks, transfer of the project to the construction site, executive surveys to monitor the construction progress;
    • monitoring of the state of objects during their operation;
    • geodetic work on industrial facilities – leveling of surfaces, cranes and under-crane paths, monitoring the installation and operation of equipment, checking the verticality of high-rise structures, detecting the remains of raw materials in warehouses;
    • works on water objects – measurement and surveying of the bottom of the reservoir, control of hydrotechnical structures;
    • cartographic works – drawing up drawings, schemes, plans and maps of any type and scale.

    Choose geodetic services, the prices of which will be a pleasant surprise for you,
    and receive a quality guarantee from Mirnychy’s certified specialists!

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