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Engineering geodesy is an integral part of every construction process. Thanks to the support and guidance of qualified surveyors, the construction of structures takes place quickly, correctly and in accordance with the provided project documentation. One of the most important engineering and geodetic directions is the breakdown of benchmarks and axes.
The breakdown and removal of axes and benchmarks is carried out to accurately establish the elevation and plan position of the planes and reference points of the building object under construction, according to the geodetic plan or vertical. As a result, the rapper plays an extremely important role in the implementation of construction stages.

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    What is a rapper?

    Reference is a geodetic mark that is fixed on a specified point of the surface with a specified absolute height. The specified height is determined by leveling relative to the primary level surface. In the future, a metal disc with a fixed diameter and a serial number is attached to the geodetic ruler.

    What is the removal of the rapper necessary for?

    Putting out a reference is an important process, because it is precisely thanks to the accurate transfer of data from drawings to nature that the correctness of the subsequent construction process is achieved. The transfer of the rapper requires not only accurate and careful transfer of the given parameters, but also taking into account the individual features of the area and a specific construction site. Thanks to the correctly installed soil and wall benchmarks, the correctness of the implementation of the following stages of construction is achieved. In addition, at the state level, thanks to fundamental and soil benchmarks, reference points are created for determining the heights of intermediate points of the earth’s surface during topographic surveys.

    How we work
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    Advance payment as agreed.
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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Data processing and approval.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Types of rappers

    The following types of rappers are distinguished:

    • Fundamental rappers;

    Fundamental anchors are represented in the form of iron pylons and are laid in the ground at a distance of 50 km. up to 80 km. along the length of all leveling lines of the first class,
    as well as near important lines of the second class and near the main water metering equipment.

    • Ordinary rappers;

    Ordinary rappers are laid every seven kilometers on leveling lines of any class.

    Ordinary rappers are of such types as:

    • Soil rappers;

    The ground anchor is intended for installation in the ground at the construction site.

    • Wall benchmark or leveling mark;

    The wall benchmark is intended for installation in the wall of the building. Thanks to wall benchmarks, the speed and accuracy of the construction process is ensured when designing the walls of the building.

    • Rock rappers.

    Rapers in mining are embedded in the rock soil of the structure.

    • Age rappers.

    Age benchmarks are laid at the intersection points of the leveling lines of the first class.

    removed the rapper, transferred the rapper

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