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    Ordering aerial photography can shorten geodetic work on your site by several days

    Aerophotography services

    Measurements of the area of ​​fields with a drone

    Among the latest technological systems for measuring the area of ​​fields or other land plots, it is possible to single out the measurement of the area of ​​a plot of land by a drone. Before UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) came into widespread use, [...]

    Drawing up field maps

    Electronic field maps (ERMs) are the basis of precision agriculture. The economic value of ECP lies in the identification and analysis of only the field area effective for [...]

    Creation of orthophoto plans

    High-altitude photography is a convenient modern method of studying the earth’s surface. With the development of light aircraft and the appearance of unmanned drones, aerial photography in Ukraine has turned into an affordable service and has become [...]

    Creating a DEM (digital terrain model)

    A digital terrain model is a digital presentation of geological information. Two types of information encoding can be used for this. Such modeling and research of the resulting models is an integral part of cartography. High-quality creation of DEM [...]

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    Aerial photography is shooting and creating measurements from a bird’s eye view using unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). This is the most convenient and accurate method of creating measurements for those objects that are difficult to measure or even dangerous by other methods. Such objects include various road surfaces, railway rails,
    power lines, oil and gas pipelines, areas covered by forest and swamps, and others.

    Services of aerial photography of the area (land)

    Today, many companies provide aerial photography services. However, not everyone can perform such work with high quality on time and without errors. And quality equipment for performing such tasks is expensive,
    therefore, not everyone can afford to buy it. Such expenses are justified only for serious companies that want to maintain their reputation on the market for more than one year. The advantages of shooting from the air are the ability to do everything as quickly, clearly and in real time as possible.
    Also, digital technologies make it possible to instantly transform the received images and create with their help a digital model of the terrain or a three-dimensional model of buildings and structures.

    Aerial photography allows you to take pictures with a detail of thirty to three centimeters.
    Such high accuracy allows you to solve many tasks without directly going out into nature. With the help of such pictures, it is possible to create topographic plans of the area with different scales. Also, the use of this technology allows creating digital models of reliefs, showing the relief in sections, both horizontal and vertical;
    it allows you to create electronic maps of fields and perform various agricultural tasks – monitor the quality of plowing the land, treat the field with various fertilizers and chemicals, control the quality of harvesting, and so on. Aerial photography performed from a drone is much more economically profitable,
    besides, it can be done even when the sky is quite cloudy, which is problematic for larger equipment. All the images obtained in this way are combined by special methods, with the indication of exact coordinates, thus forming the most accurate map of the area or its three-dimensional model.
    Also, the results of aerial aerial photography of a plot of land or other terrain can be used to create an orthophoto plan, which always has a clear geodetic basis. Thanks to it, it is possible to determine the areas of various plots with maximum accuracy, in addition, various water bodies, roads, fields, and so on are indicated on such a plan.

    Who can perform aerial photography in Ukraine?

    Aerial photography is not a problem for MIRNYCHYJ LLC. Our company works in Lviv and Rivne, as well as in the regions of Ukraine. We have extensive experience in conducting aerial photography using UAVs and quadcopters. Our pictures always differ in maximum accuracy, up to one millimeter,
    and high image quality. Also, in the process of shooting, you have the opportunity to observe the process in real time.

    Aerial photography, the price of which depends on many factors, is not a cheap pleasure. However, the use of modern technologies helps to save time for obtaining the necessary data, and accordingly,
    helps you solve all your questions much faster. In addition, compared to the cost of the same images obtained with the help of satellites, the cost of this service will be at least 20% cheaper. You can also contact our branches in Ternopil and Ivano-Frankivsk.

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