Drawing up field maps

Electronic field maps (ERMs) are the basis of precision agriculture. The economic value of ECP lies in the identification and analysis of only the field area effective for processing.

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    What is field mapping?

    What are electronic field maps? This is a convenient and visual tool for the manager and agronomist, as well as an opportunity to present the farm in a modern format.

    Why is a field map necessary?

    What do such field maps provide? First of all, it is an opportunity to keep strict records and control of all agricultural operations based on accurate knowledge of field areas.
    They also serve to optimize production in order to obtain maximum profit and rational use of resources.

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    Why field maps are needed:

    • recording of crop rotation;
    • monitoring of moving objects;
    • transportation organizations;
    • yield mapping;
    • for precision farming;
    • as a decision support system;
    • for decisions on the acquisition of new lands or the sale of unprofitable ones;
    • to compare the financial indicators of the plan-fact (in the presence of equipment monitoring systems in online mode);
    • for planning and for monitoring field work;
    • to optimize logistics.
    drawing up field maps

    Drawing up a map of the fields can be done by going around the customer’s fields with a GPS receiver and a field computer with special software installed, or by using aerial photography, for which UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) are used. Thus, the shape of the fields is determined,
    their area and mutual position relative to each other is specified.

    Mirnychyj LLC uses unmanned aerial vehicles (drones) to compile electronic field maps, which makes it possible to take accurate measurements and photos, video materials, on the basis of which the corresponding map is compiled.

    drawing up field maps 1

    How to order a map of the field using a UAV?

    The UAV for aerial photography is launched, takes off and lands in automatic mode (on autopilot) along the loaded route. An unmanned aerial vehicle, flying along a pre-planned route in GIS, carries out a digital survey of the area.
    The result of the shooting is high-resolution pictures at programmed points according to GPS coordinates. After completing the programmed route, the drone lands at the same point from which it took off. For each picture, a complete set of digital information is obtained – the geographical coordinates of the central point of the picture, the height of the picture,
    a complete set of telemetry data for transfer and use in commonly accepted GIS systems. Thus, all photos are georeferenced and can be stitched into one large field orthophoto. UAV aerial photography can replace high-resolution satellite imagery for agriculture.

    The use of drones in the fields will help solve many issues faster and cheaper than using satellites. This means that the timely implementation of works,
    shooting on the same day will help to take operational measures on the most urgent issues. And at the same time, changes in the situation over time will also be promptly reflected.

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