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Our company has been on the service market for over 15 years

- during this time, we have achieved considerable success, successfully overcoming numerous challenges.
  • All types of work are certified and comply with all standards.
  • Experienced professionals and numerous successful projects under our belt.
  • Individual approach to clients, flexible payment system.
  • We always have modern and certified equipment available.
  • We operate throughout Ukraine, as well as abroad on-site.

About Us

We have opened a department of engineering geology, aerial photography, and also provide laser 3D scanning services, entering the TOP 5 companies in Ukraine providing this service.

Last year, we decided to add another activity to the list of services by starting road design projects. But we are not going to stop there, so we will soon introduce a number of cutting-edge technologies that will help us not only take a huge step forward but also compete seriously with many leading European companies.


Advantages of Cooperation with Mirnyi

Why should clients choose us? Let's try to explain it to you in 6 points
Compliance with Regulations
All work is carried out in accordance with all DBN norms and requirements of Ukrainian legislation.
Experienced Professionals
We have been on the service market for over 11 years, and our specialists have twenty years of experience.
Quality Performance
We have not left any unfinished orders behind, providing high-quality work even at the most challenging level.
Reliable Equipment
We always have the latest and fully functional certified equipment.
Services Across Ukraine
We operate across the entire territory of Ukraine, and we can also offer services abroad.
Work Guarantee
We provide guarantees for all work done, as well as free consultation throughout the entire warranty period.

They will work on your project


Why Choose Us

For our clients, we offer exclusively qualified services from experienced professionals with years of experience. We work with market leaders throughout Ukraine, such as: Soft Serve, Sokar, Okko, YUPIDZH, Shell, BRSM, ATB, Epicenter, Nova Linia, Mykovaivsky Cement Plant PJSC Ivano-Frankivsk Cement Plant, Lviv Isolator, Ukrtransgaz, Ukrnaftokhimproekt JSC, SMNVO-Engineering JSC, Institute of Oil Transport PJSC, Ecoenergetika LLC, Cover Energy Plus LLC, IK Automagistral LLC, Dobrobut Project, EuroBudProject, Urban Progress, WebPro, Ukrsilenergoproject, ABMK, SN Proekt, Savitsky Design, Ukrzaliznytsia, AVM Logistic, PORT Lviv, Smile Development, Alumabud, Alumtrade, and many others. Using only modern technologies, providing mobile services, we have also repeatedly provided our services to German and British companies, which have been very satisfied with the level of service.

Our history

More than 5 years ago, our company was engaged in engineering geodesy, topography, land management, but after the change of management, we completely changed our activities, company structure and approach. This became the reason for a significant expansion of the portfolio: previously we worked with only a few regions of Western Ukraine, and now we have a number of implemented projects in each of the regions of our country. Among our clients:

  • Soft Serve;
  • Sokar;
  • Okko;
  • UPG;
  • Shell;
  • BRSM;
  • ATB.

And many others. For a detailed list, see the corresponding section.


Our goal

We take a comprehensive approach to our business, finding an individual approach to each client, and therefore solve customer problems even at the most complex level. Our goal: to bring services to a new level, offering customers quick assistance and a high level of service, because the better the service we provide, the less time and money our customer spends. And it works great for us! Our specialists, after performing a thorough analysis, will provide you with all the necessary information about your object.

Our conditions

If you want to order the services of our company, we are ready to offer you advantageous conditions that cannot be refused:

  • Individual approach to clients;
  • Flexible system of payment and installments;
  • Guarantees for services and free consultations.

What they say about cooperation with us


We are often asked

We present to your attention the 8 most popular questions that we are asked, as well as the answers to them.
  • Do we work with VAT?

    Yes, we are working.

  • Is it possible to postpone the payment?

    Yes, we always meet customers, providing individual conditions.

  • Is the necessary equipment available?

    Yes, our company has all professional equipment that has passed all inspections.

  • Is it possible to reduce the advance amount?

    Yes, we are ready for such a step!

  • Is it possible to slightly delay the final payment?

    Yes, such an opportunity exists.

  • Is it possible to complete the work earlier than the stated term?

    If there is such a need, we are ready to discuss it.

  • Do we carry out work in the east of Ukraine?

    Yes, we provide services throughout the country.

  • What equipment do we work with?

    We work exclusively with professional, certified tachometers and JPS equipment from the Swiss manufacturer Leica.