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A pit is an artificial deepening in the ground, which is made for the purpose of establishing the foundation of a building, as well as other building elements and hydraulic structures. The dimensions of the pit are determined taking into account the purpose and operating conditions of the structure.
The main purpose of the pit in the construction process is to create the primary front of work on the ledge with further analysis of the possibility of holding all the loads that may arise during the operation of the structure. The process of construction implementation of the pit according to the construction project begins with the removal of the pit for the foundation of the buildings.

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    What is a pit taken away?

    this is an important process that is implemented according to the provided project documentation by qualified surveying engineers. Excavating the pit in the ground under the foundation is the initial and important stage of the construction process, the correct implementation of which depends not only on the final quality of the construction,
    but also operational safety of the building. Accuracy is important during excavation of the pit. After all, the slightest error during the implementation of works on the site is unacceptable.

    Why do you need a pit removal in construction

    Excavation is an integral part of every construction process. Thanks to accurate measurements and geodetic surveys, the suitability of a specific area for construction is determined. Thus, excavation of the pit is not only the initial stage of the construction process, but also approval, from the geodetic point of view, the beginning of construction.

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    Geodetic works on the site include the following stages of construction:

    • Breakdown of the pit;
    • Delineation of pit boundaries;
    • Breakdown of intermediate axes;
    • Breakdown of axes under the foundation.

    The breakdown of the axes of the pit for the foundation of the structure on the site involves carrying out accurate measurements,
    according to the building project, taking into account the smallest factors. In addition to the exact measurement of all pit measurements in nature, pit excavation in construction is carried out taking into account the depth of soil freezing, as well as the level of existing soils that will withstand building
    The breakdown of the axes of the building on the terrain involves the exact determination of points in nature in accordance with the points laid down in the project. In the future, all the removed points are fixed at a free distance, taking into account the place where the pit will be dug. The identified points should be placed so as not to interfere with the excavation process. In that case,
    if excavation of the pit is carried out in residential areas, then special marks of the reference geodetic network are determined along the perimeter of the construction site on all buildings around. In addition, the layout of the axes of the pit under the foundation must be consistent with the dimensions of the axes of the floors. Excavation of the pit for hydraulic structures is carried out by earthmoving machines.

    When dividing the axes of the pit under the foundation, the following rules should be taken into account:

    • When erecting a rectangular or square house, you should carefully observe the walls. The walls of the structure must adjoin each other at an angle of 90 degrees.
    • In the case of panel overlaps,
      the size of the foundation should correspond to the size of the panels.

    In order for the removal of the pit in construction to take place in accordance with the norms and regulations of the current legislation, its implementation should be trusted only by experts.

    took out the pit

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