Topographic survey for landscape design

Topographic surveying for landscape design is a set of works designed to determine the relief, site boundaries and the height of a point above sea level, in order to obtain data for the implementation of landscape project tasks. The topographic survey of the landscape itself is a mandatory stage before starting the implementation of the landscape project.

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    What is a topographic survey for landscape design?

    To implement a landscape project on a small area, topographic survey is carried out on a scale of 1:200, 1:100, 1 :50.
    During a topographical survey for a landscape project, it is worth taking into account every element of decor, as well as the features of the territory adjacent to the plot of land. In the case of landscape design for large areas, it is worth choosing a topographic survey on a scale of 1:500.
    Also, such a topographic survey will become relevant in the case of creating a detailed digital model of the terrain.

    Why is topographic surveying of landscape design necessary?

    Topographic surveying for a landscape design project allows you to determine the characteristics of a land plot for the correct, from a geodetic point of view, placement of plants and other design elements.
    Topographic surveying of landscape design is relevant in the following cases:

    • When obtaining permission documents for the implementation of landscape design;
    • When registering documentation related to the plot boundaries;
    • At the distribution of land and subsequent construction of a new real estate object;
    • When receiving documentation about the start of the construction process on a specific land plot;
    • When drawing up working drawings and plans.
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    Topographic survey of landscape design involves implementation of the following stages:

    • Preparatory stage;

    The preparatory stage involves working with materials and documents. It is during this period that the final task for the implementation of the selected landscape project is formed;

    • Geodesic survey of the land plot;

    The removal process is carried out on the plot of land and consists of a careful study of the terrain and the selection of reference points.

    • Create a grid of rappers;
    • Chamber works;
    topographic survey for landscape design

    Camera work involves a thorough study of the data obtained after conducting a topographical survey. All the objects and decorated elements that will be placed on the plot of land are fixed on the topographical plan.
    The topographic plan of landscape design is formed in accordance with all standards and requirements of the current legislation of Ukraine and is fixed with the help of conventional signs. The received data is provided to the Customer, both in the form of a drawing and in the form of a 3D visualization of the project.
    The result of the topographic survey for landscape design is recorded in the technical report on topographic and geodetic works.

    The price of a topographic survey of landscape design depends on the volume of work performed and the scale of the project, so it is negotiated individually.

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