Engineering-geological and geodetic research in Mykolaiv

If you are looking for a team of geologists and surveyors, then Mirnychyj LLC is at your service! We have vast experience in performing various tasks in the field of geology and geodesy, so you can be sure that we will carefully approach the solution of any issue and provide you with accurate and reliable data at the end of the work.

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    Why do you need an analysis of the geology of the site and geodesy

    Geological and geodetic engineering surveys are very important to carry out before the start of construction, because they primarily perform such a task as soil analysis. The soil is heterogeneous and has different properties, so it must be studied in advance to determine
    how it will behave after building one or more objects. The second stage is to carry out geodetic works and measurements on the site in order to draw up optimal drawings for the location of all planned structures.

    If you:

    • Do you plan to build a new object;
    • Are you going to reconstruct an existing one;
    • You want to demolish the structure.

    You will need such works!

    In order to take into account all the peculiarities of the area and in the future not to spend money on the restoration of the object, we recommend contacting the Mirnychiyj LLP company in Mykolaiv.

    Geological and geodetic services in Mykolaiv

    We perform the following engineering-geological and geodetic studies:

    • Geodetic and topographical surveying of areas;
    • Drilling wells, obtaining soil and water samples;
    • Laboratory soil examination;
    • Aerial photography;
    • Putting the plan into practice;
    • Creating a cartogram;
    • Drawing red lines on the plan.

    If you need to determine the correct boundaries and area of ​​the plot, we will also help. We offer a wide range of services, so if you did not find them on the list, feel free to call us and we will advise you on all questions. most likely
    that we can fulfill your task!

    How we work
    крок 1
    Your call or email request.
    крок 2
    Agreement on price and terms.
    крок 3
    Advance payment as agreed.
    крок 4
    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
    крок 5
    Data processing and approval.
    крок 6
    Issuance of the final outcome.

    What you will get as a result

    As a result of carrying out all stages of geological and geodetic work, you will receive:

    • Complete information about all conducted studies;
    • Final report with recommendations for further construction, location of objects, possible problems during construction;
    • Justification of the impossibility of construction, if factors preventing it were identified.

    Thus, in any case, you will save, or on the construction of an illiquid building, which risks being destroyed under the influence of natural conditions. Or during the construction of your facility,
    after all, after the work, our specialists will provide all the recommendations and help take into account the peculiarities of the area, including when purchasing materials for the construction of structures.

    Prices for geological and geodetic services

    Geology for construction, reconstruction, roadsfrom UAH 650 per m.p.
    Geophysicsfrom UAH 2,000. per point
    Drawing red linesfrom UAH 600
    Copyingfrom UAH 2500
    Establishment of land plot boundariesfrom UAH 4500
    Out of boundsfrom UAH 2500
    Axes breakdownfrom UAH 1500
    Topography M 1:500from UAH 1,500/ha
    Survey M 1:100 \ 1:200from UAH 4,500/ha
    Topography M 1:1000from UAH 1,500/ha

    How to choose a company for engineering and geological works

    When choosing a company to carry out geology and geodesy in Mykolaiv, consider:

    • Qualification and experience of employees;
    • Availability of modern and accurate equipment for carrying out work;
    • Reviews of friends and acquaintances, on the Internet;
    • Affordable price according to the volume of work performed;
    • Territorial location of the office.

    Mirnychiyj LLC has established itself as a reliable enterprise that provides quality services. We are familiar with all standards and prescriptions for research, so we always conduct them with a high degree of reliability.
    The documents received from us will be accepted by any government authorities and you will not have a problem with the fact that some data will be called into question.

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    How to order engineering and geological surveys and geodesy in Mykolaiv

    If you decide to order a service from us, we offer affordable prices for geology and geodesy in Mykolaiv. You can find out the exact cost of the work by calling us or leaving a request on the website. The manager will contact you and discuss all the details of the order.
    You will need to make an advance payment to start the work. After all studies are completed, the balance is due.

    Mirnychiy LLC performs all types of geodetic and geological works. We are recommended to friends and family, because we always take a responsible approach to any task.
    Call now and we will definitely start the work in the near future.

    We also provide geology and geodesy services in other cities of the Mykolaiv region: Bashtanka, Voznesensk, Nova Odesa, Novy Bug, Ochakiv, Pervomaisk, Snigurivka, Yuzhnoukrainsk.

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