Geology and geodesy in Ternopil

Geological and geodetic engineering searches must be performed comprehensively at the design stage. Their main task is to draw up the correct design and estimate documentation, regardless of whether it is about the construction of a new building, the reconstruction of an existing building, or the complete demolition of a building.
With the help of the received information, the designer will be able to correctly plan the further course of construction, understand how appropriate it is to use the given plot and how to properly dispose of the funds.

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    Types of geodetic and geological works in Ternopil

    “Mirnychiyj” LLC has been performing engineering-geological and geodetic research in Ternopil for many years. We are well acquainted with the specifics of the area and work on arable land, stubble, and meadow.

    We carry out the following analysis of the geology of the site and geodesy:

    • We drill wells followed by taking soil samples for examination and studying its features;
    • We carry out geodetic and topographic surveying of areas if necessary;
    • We analyze the geomorphological and chemical properties of the soil and groundwater;
    • We carry out the necessary measurements on site for better design of future buildings.

    According to Ukrainian legislation, geological and geodetic services must be provided before the start of construction. This is a guarantee that the future structure will have a long service life,
    will become a sustainable and safe facility for local residents and the environment.

    Geological engineering works

    The first stage in the work in Ternopil is receiving a technical task from the customer. We carefully study all information, use additional sources if necessary. Next, we proceed to direct research.

    Stages of geological work:

    • Drilling wells;
    • Sampling of soil and groundwater, if any;
    • Conducting an examination in the laboratory, studying the special properties of the soil;
    • Identification of negative conditions that prevent construction.

    In some cases, our employees are forced to state the fact that it is better not to carry out construction on this site.
    Even if such a conclusion does not satisfy the customer, it is better to know about the possible risks in advance than to pay for the elimination of the consequences later, because everything can end not only with a crack in the building, but also with its complete destruction.

    How we work
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    Your call or email request.
    крок 2
    Agreement on price and terms.
    крок 3
    Advance payment as agreed.
    крок 4
    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
    крок 5
    Data processing and approval.
    крок 6
    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Stages of geodetic works in Ternopil

    In the course of performing geodetic works, the following will be done:

    • Topographic and cadastral surveying, drawing red lines, transferring the plan to nature;
    • Determination of optimal sizes and shapes of future structures;
    • Calculation of the volumes of pits, embankments;
    • Compilation of cartograms and technical land management documentation.

    Geodesy is responsible for accurate calculations and plans for the ground location of objects, determines the exact coordinates for future structures. Also, at this stage, the exact area and boundaries of the site are determined.

    Prices for geological and geodetic services

    Geology for construction, reconstruction, roadsfrom UAH 650 per m.p.
    Geophysicsfrom UAH 2,000. per point
    Drawing red linesfrom UAH 600
    Copyingfrom UAH 2500
    Establishment of land plot boundariesfrom UAH 4500
    Out of boundsfrom UAH 2500
    Axes breakdownfrom UAH 1500
    Topography M 1:500from UAH 1,500/ha
    Survey M 1:100 \ 1:200from UAH 4,500/ha
    Topography M 1:1000from UAH 1,500/ha

    Results of engineering-geological and geodetic investigations

    After the works are completed, the customer will receive comprehensive information about all the performed works, including the revealed properties of the soil, groundwater, and survey results. The main information will be a prescription about further construction, about
    which materials are better to use, how to place the structures, how exactly to take into account the peculiarities of the soil, etc.

    The documentation received from us will have absolute accuracy and reliability of data. You will not have any problems when presenting it to state authorities in the future, as the data will be comprehensive and meet existing standards.

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    How to order services from Mirnychyj LLC

    To order engineering geological surveys and geodesy in Ternopil, you need:

    1. Contact us by phone or leave a request on the website;
    2. Make an advance payment, after which a team of geologists and surveyors will start work;
    3. After receiving the results, pay the remaining amount.

    “Mirnychiyj” LLC offers very reasonable prices for geology and geodesy in Ternopil. We have extensive experience in the field of geology and geodesy, we are recommended to friends and acquaintances. We always work conscientiously, so you can be sure
    that you will receive a professional level of service and be satisfied with the result. Call now and we will start working very soon!

    We provide geology and geodesy services in other cities of the Ternopil region: Chortkiv, Kremenets, Berezhany, Terebovlia, Zbarazh, Buchach, Borshchiv, Zalishchyki, Lanivtsi, Pochaiv, Khorostkiv, Kopychyntsi, Zboriv,
    Monastyriska, Shumsk, Skalat, Pidhaitsi.

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