Engineering geological and geodetic research in Kropyvnytskyi

It is important to carry out geological and geodetic engineering surveys at the stage of planning the construction of any architectural structure, regardless of whether it is a multi-story or private building. Such works will allow the customer to adjust the project in a timely manner, select the appropriate materials for construction and economically approach the issue of managing funds
. And also affect the life of the future building.

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    Why do you need an analysis of the geology and geodesy of the site

    Geological and surveying services must be used before the construction of any building: a private house, a cottage, a business office, a multi-story building. This is due to the fact that the soil has its own characteristics, which are best known in advance, before the start of construction,
    because it can fundamentally affect the project of the object and the planned future works.

    Assessment and further planning of various activities depends on how accurate and reliable the data will be.

    Engineering and geological works allow to reveal:

    • Properties of different soil layers;
    • Swelling and freezing of the soil is possible;
    • Groundwater;
    • Soil composition.

    If you want to build a reliable structure that will not be afraid of any natural phenomena, we recommend using the services of Mirnychiyj LLC in Kropyvnytskyi.

    Geology and geodesy in Kropyvnytskyi

    In addition to geological surveys, geodetic surveys are no less important. They allow you to take measurements on the ground, which will help to determine the optimal placement of all the objects planned for construction on the site. Topographic and cadastral surveys will help in this,
    as a result of which the most important technical documentation will be created.

    Carrying out such works will allow to assess in advance the impact of construction on the economic, social, and environmental components.

    How we work
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    Your call or email request.
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    Agreement on price and terms.
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    Advance payment as agreed.
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    Dispatch of engineers to the site.
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    Data processing and approval.
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Stages of geological and geodetic works

    Engineering-geological and geodetic research in Kropyvnytskyi takes place in the following order:

    • Obtaining technical specifications from the customer and getting familiar with it;
    • If necessary – carrying out geodetic and topographic surveying of areas, aerial photography;
    • Drilling wells to obtain a soil sample;
    • Laboratory study of soil (geomorphological and geochemical properties);
    • Geophysical research;
    • Compilation of the final report.

    By conducting these studies, you will receive reliable data,
    which in the future will help reduce construction costs and protect you from possible adverse natural events.

    Prices for geological and geodetic services

    Geology for construction, reconstruction, roadsfrom UAH 650 per m.p.
    Geophysicsfrom UAH 2,000. per point
    Drawing red linesfrom UAH 600
    Copyingfrom UAH 2500
    Establishment of land plot boundariesfrom UAH 4500
    Out of boundsfrom UAH 2500
    Axes breakdownfrom UAH 1,500
    Topography M 1:500from UAH 1,500/ha
    Survey M 1:100 \ 1:200from UAH 4,500/ha
    Topography M 1:1000from UAH 1,500/ha

    Why Mirnychiy LLC?

    Today, many companies offer services in the field of geology and geodesy.

    Mirnychiyj LLC is:

    • Experienced team of geologists and surveyors;
    • Modern and accurate equipment;
    • Quick and high-quality execution of even complex tasks;
    • Exploration of any terrain (arable fields, meadows
      , stubble, etc.);
    • Affordable cost of works;
    • High probability of data that will be accepted by any state. instance.

    Our company has been working in Kropyvnytskyi for a long time and knows the specifics and peculiarities of its field of activity. We always recommend to our clients not to neglect the stage of studying the area,
    since this can be the cause of serious financial costs during the construction or operation of the object.

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    Order engineering and geological surveys and geodesy in Kropyvnytskyi

    If you want to contact us, we are happy to offer you affordable prices for geology and geodesy in Kropyvnytskyi.

    To contact us, you need:

    1. Make an application on the website or call us at the specified number.
    2. After communicating with the manager, make an advance payment.
    3. After the work is finished, pay the remaining amount.

    We are always ready to allocate a team of employees in order to quickly and efficiently fulfill your order. So call now. We will select a convenient date and time for the work. Mirnychiy LLC is a guarantee of quality,
    professionalism and success!

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