Inventory of industrial facilities

The inventory of industrial facilities, namely heating and gas supply networks, highways, hydraulic structures, power lines and other industrial facilities is carried out to calculate their actual area, assess the technical condition and establish the degree of readiness.

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    We perform the following range of technical inventory of industrial objects.

    Work on primary inventory:

    • Determining the presence of inventory objects and their location on the site;
    • Description of objects by main features;
    • Setting internal and external dimensions, areas and volumes of objects;
    • Determining the economic characteristics of objects, including their inventory value;
    • Identification of possible contradictions between technical documents and the actual state of objects.


    Inventory of software (industrial facilities) primarily includes the following works:

    • Field work with direct travel to the area;
    • Camera processing of measured data, analysis of work performance accuracy, comparison of actual object parameters with design ones;
    • Preparation of relevant documents, as well as graphic, analytical and reporting documentation.
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    Legal and organizational principles on the technical inventory of real estate objects are determined by the relevant law of Ukraine.

    In what cases should a technical inventory be carried out:

    • In order to register rights to unfinished construction;
    • For commissioning of the completed construction facility;
    • In case of unification, division of home ownership, or as a result of recalculation of shares between co-owners;
    • After capital repair or reconstruction.

    According to the instructions on the technical inventory of non-residential objects and engineering structures, only employees who have a special qualification certificate after passing personnel certification at the Ministry of Regional Development, Construction and Housing can start performing the relevant work.
    of the communal economy of Ukraine.

    inventory of industrial facilities

    Mirnychiyj LLP employs only qualified and certified professionals who provide high-quality and fast services. In our work, we adhere to all methodological recommendations on technical inventory of real estate objects, and we also advise clients in accordance with them.

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    Professionals of our Mirnychiyj company, who work in Western Ukraine, can help you with this. You can contact us by calling us or visiting our office in Lviv or our website. All our employees are certified in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. So,
    you can be sure of the quality of the work performed, as well as the legal validity of the documents received from our company.

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