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    Technical documentation on land management

    Technical documentation with land management is drawn up if it is planned:
    • privatization of land for construction, homesteading, gardening, etc.;
    • establishment of land plot boundaries in kind;
    • determining the boundaries to which the right of lease or easement applies (imposing restrictions and encumbrances);
    • distribution of land plot between two owners etc.
    The most important part of the technical documentation with land management is a package of documents and materials that determine the location of the turning points of the land plot (coordinates that describe the shape of the plot and tie it to the terrain). It includes the textual part and materials formed on the basis of field topographical and geodetic works: a plan of land plot boundaries and a cadastral plan.The procedure for drawing up technical documentation, its composition and form are established by current legislation, as well as instructions and orders of the Derzhkomzem of Ukraine. In particular, they provide that geodetic measurements, development of cartographic materials and land management projects can be carried out only by organizations and persons entered in the State Register of Certified Land Surveyors. The absence of a certificate issued by state authorities will lead to the fact that the documents will be refused.Development of technical documentation on land management in Lviv and the regionSo that the privatization of a land plot or the assignment of a cadastral number to it does not become a significant problem and does not drag on for a long time, contact the geodetic and land management group “Mirnychy “. We professionally deal with issues of geodesy and land management and provide quality services at low prices.To find out what documents need to be submitted for the development of technical documentation in your case, call +38 (098) 680 99 09.
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