Creation and visualization of 3D terrain models

With the advent of affordable drones, the aerial photography market has grown: if before, shooting from a helicopter or airplane was expensive and impossible for hard-to-reach places, now more and more companies order video shooting, shooting orthophoto plans and 3D models from drones.

With the help of drones, you can get accurate photos and videos,
which, after processing in specialized software, allow creating digital and electronic maps and drawing up topographic plans of the area, as well as building detailed 3D models of the area and objects.

UAVs allow filming from low altitudes with great detail,
inaccessible to large aircraft and satellites and ten times faster than using tacheometric surveying.

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    What is a 3D terrain model for?

    To carry out construction or make a change in an existing industrial object, building or area, first of all, you need to create its 3D model. This will make it possible not only to get a visual vision of future changes, but also to draw up detailed instructions and action plans.
    The initial data for creating 3D terrain models (three-dimensional maps) are detailed city plans and topographic maps, data from classic aerial photography (or UAV shooting) and laser scanning, as well as space images of ultra-high spatial resolution.

    How are 3D terrain maps created?

    3D reconstructions are made using ordinary photos taken by a drone and combined into a 3D model. With the help of a special program, you can simultaneously process and combine thousands of photos taken from different angles,
    and automatically create topographic maps and 3D terrain models.

    Thanks to computer programs, it is possible to measure: volumes, area and distance, which will later allow us to use these data to control stocks remaining on construction sites.

    How we work
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    Issuance of the final outcome.

    Demand for 3d models

    The growing demand for the creation and visualization of 3D terrain models is due to their active use in navigation devices and geoinformation systems. In addition, they are used for spatial analysis in urban planning and territorial development management,
    when carrying out design works in construction and transport, calculations of telecommunication networks and in many other areas.

    Creation of three-dimensional models of buildings and industrial facilities in Ternopil, Ivano-
    Frankivsk and the entire region of Western Ukraine is widely used for the purposes of monitoring and managing facilities. The collection of information about the object can be carried out:

    • Regularly (with certain periodicity);
    • In real time, when information is constantly available;
    • Temporarily,
      with great frequency in the mode of long-term perspective.
    creation and visualization of 3d terrain models

    You can find a team of the best, certified experts with many years of work experience without leaving your home online by visiting the "Mirnychyj" company website.

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    How can you order the service?

    Professionals of our Mirnychiy company, working in Ukraine, can help you create a 3D map or terrain model. You can contact us by calling us or visiting our office in Lviv or our website.
    All our employees are certified in accordance with the current legislation of Ukraine. Thus, you can be sure of the quality of the work performed, as well as the legal validity of the documents received from our company.

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